Son played on barrel organ (constructed by José Ajo)

y su Organo Oriental 


01 - Guajira Guantanamera
02 - Si me faltara el carnaval
03 - El Jorocon
04 - Bodas de Oro
05 - Maria Caracoles
06 - El golpe de bibijagua
07 - Pare cochero
08 - Asi quiero corazon
09 - La batea
10 - C'est la vie mon cher
11 - Sube un poquito mas
12 - Maria Bonita
13 - Sarandonga
14 - El baile del buen cansao
15 - Los muertos quieren gozar
16 - Los carnavales de Oriente


 Pure Cuban Music from Oriente Province
By J. Font

My family came from Puerto Padre in northern Oriente province. My father was a promoter of "Musica de Organo". As a child I remember going to dozens of parties in the countryside and listening to "Organos Guajiros". The music is uniquely from Oriente province and its African/French/Catalan blend can not be found anywhere else in the world. This is the kind of Cuban music that has not been popularized in the USA, and few outside of Oriente know of it. Los Hermanos Ajo are perhaps the best artists of this genre, and when I heard them they brought tears to my eyes. My grandparents danced to their music and I'm glad it has not disappeared.

For American ears it is a bit unbalancing, since you have no familiar refences to call upon. It does not fit into the generic "Salsa", "Merengue", "Mambo", or "Cha, Cha, Cha" sounds you have been exposed to. But, once you regain your balance, the sophisticated melodies and happiness of the music will grab you just like it has grabbed us "Guajiros" for more than 3 generations. If you are looking for something uniquely Cuban, undiscovered, and beautiful, this is it.





Anonymous said...

hermosa y extraña...

...gracias, Miguel :)

Miguel said...

De nada ...Lucky :-)