Wop Lé Chab, é zafè?

Special Folklore
Germain Calixte
dit: Chabin

Moin Cé La Centrale
Du Folklore A 100.000 Volts


01. Mwen cé la central - 3:10
02. Robertine - 3:13
03. Clocotè la - 3:09
04. La jeunesse en alpha - 2:58
05. Zombi baré mwen - 3:39
06. On nonme a kaz en mwen - 3:48
07. Dolores - 2:32




Gaston Germain CALIXTE

(1922 – 1987)

Chabin was born on February the 1st of 1922 in Port-Louis (Guadeloupe) and died in March 1987.
A pipe stuck on his lips… Chabin was definitely a symbol.

As a singer and song-writer he made his mark with distinctive lyrics, his sense of improvisation fitted in perfectly with the Gwo Ka singers community.

He released a few albums featuring Vélo, Arthème Boisbant (Témo) or Robert Loyson.

Some people saw him as a poet depicting Gualoupean peoples daily life with its good and bad experiences.

His songs were often dedicated to the women who inspired him as much as the Guadeloupean peoples misfortune did.

Despite a sorrowful childhood, life gave him a second chance with his singing while taking him to the ups and downs in the showbusiness.


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Maison de Gaston Germain Calixte à Port-Louis

 Plaque de la maison

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