Canon of Qanun (2)

Soliman Gamil   
L'Art Du Kanoun Egyptien



1. Improvisation traditionnelle - 5:38
2. Improvisation libre - 3:02
3. Variation sur le thème folklorique 'Atshan ya Sabaya' - 6:52
4. Variation sur le thème traditionnel 'Ah ya Zein' - 6:20
Suite folklorique: 
 5. Dialogue sufi entre qanun, luth, tabla - 5:19
6. La Nubie (Rhythme Nubien Et Tonalité Pentatonique) - 5:29
7.  Dialogue qanun, nay, clarinette, arghul, miamar - 7:31
8. Dialogue qanun, hautbois et flûte traversière - 1:22
 Soliman Gamil - Qanun
Troupe de la Musique Folkorique Egyptienne



"The Egyptian composer Soliman Gamil is also an instrumentalist. He studied the theory of Arab music and learned to play the qanun at the Institute of Arab Music in Cairo (1941-1945), whilst also working on composition. He is a member of the International Society of Musicologists and now lives in Switzerland. In 1969, he founded the Egyptian Folk Music Troupe for the Swiss Ministry of Culture."

Soliman Gamil was a musicologist and composer who lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt. Born in 1924, his soundtracks for theatre and film have won international awards. His compositions are frequently used for radio and television. Soliman Gamil died in 1994. 


Soliman Gamil (Arabic: سليمان جميل‎; b. Alexandria, Egypt, December 24, 1924; died June 13, 1994) was an Egyptian composer and qanun player. In 1963 he began to experiment with the use of Egyptian traditional musical instruments in his compositions for films and theater, in an effort to evoke the sounds of Ancient Egypt.

He also wrote about music for the Al-Ahram newspaper.


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