Canon of Qanun (5)

Elie Achkar
Moyen-Orient: Chants Qanun
Middle East: Qanun Songs


01. Rêves a Baalbek
02. Nocturnes
03. Ivresse Orientale
04. Nostalgies
05. Carthage Éternel
06. Songes d'Autrefois
07. Parfums Tziganes
08. Ombre des Pyramides




 Elie Achkar one of the greatest Kanunists from Lebanon ...

... in Paris, France where Elie Achkar is a well-known concert performer, conductor and music promoter.

Elie Achkar. The Conductor

One of the most respected  virtuoso of Qanun playing in the Arab world. The Lebanese Elie Achkar  has learnt the musical craft at the hand of the master Sabsabi. He took part in several festivals in France and Europe and was in the Fairuz ensemble between 1973- to 1979. He also accompanied the great Wadie Al-Safi as well as leading voices such as Lotfi Bouchnak and the trumpet supremo Nassim Maalouf. His collaborations include the diva singer Safo for whom he worked as artistic director and composer creating a touring project inspired from the universe of the legend Oum Kaltoum.

He was the recipient of the prestigious  Said Akl prize for innovation in the fields of arts and literature in 2003. Achkar has written several books and essays on Arab classical music and is about to finalise his PHD on Ethnomusicology in Paris IV university.

Elie Achkar is a regular conductor at the Arab World Institute in Paris. He created and directed a successful season for the diaspora and the non Arabs called Fairuziates.

Naziah Meftah would rarely perform without Elie  and when it comes to interpreting  Fairuz . Asked why this connection and bound Naziha has one answer: ‘’ He is authentic and knows the uplifting  of an atmosphere that is dazzling, soulful and in fact reminiscent of the legend herself. He is connoisseur and had this privilege to  perform with her for so many years. There is something as close to her as you can get by having  Elie among us . ‘’ 


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