Tar from Tabriz (1)

Davod Azad
Maktab-e Tar-e Tabriz
Tabriz Style of Tar

To the Memory of Ostad Bigjeh Khani



1 - Dastgah-E-Segah
2 - Avaz-e-Dashti
3 - Avaz-e-Afshri
4 - Avaz-e Bayat-e Esfahan

Tar: Davod Azad
Dayereh: Maestro Mahmood Farnam
Tombak: Mohammad Akhavan

Total Time: 53:06


Ostad Qolam-Hoseyn Bigje-Khani 
Qolamhossein Bigjekhani (1918 –1987) was an Iranian musician and tar player. He was born in Tabriz. He learned tar from his father, Hossein Qoli Bigjeh-Khani.

He had left a number of recordings mostly in Persian Dastgah music. He collaborated mainly with his old friend and Dayereh player
Mahmood Farnam. He has also accompanied Mohammad-Reza Shajarian.
 Dayereh: Maestro Mahmood Farnam
 A dayereh (or doyra, dojra, dajre, doira, dajreja) is a medium-sized frame drum with jingles, used to accompany both popular and classical music in Iran (Persia), the Balkans, and many Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Frame drums are also popular in many regions of Georgia, like Kartli, Kakheti, Tusheti, Samegrelo, Racha, and Imereti. This is a single headed percussion instrument which is not only found in Northern South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, but also in parts of the Russian polar regions. The simple drum is formed by attaching a skin cover onto a wooden ring with glue and cloth ties. This is similar to the Persian daira and the Turkish def. Some daira have metal pieces attached to give them a tambourine-like quality.