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Costa Brava De Puerto Rico
¡A Pico y Pala Pa'Que No Joma!

01. Pa' la Calle - 3:29
02. No Hay Mañana Sin Ti - 3:57
03. Como Me Gusta - 4:22
04. Hoy Supe de Ti - 4:06
05. Regalo de Dios - 3:55
06. Ya No Me Duele el Dolor - 4:32
07. Amor y Cariño - 3:34
08. La Impaciencia - 3:35
09. Pequeño Detalle - 3:50
10. Te Voy a Hacer Feliz - 5:56    


Elvin Torres, Padre - Dirección, Arreglos, Trompetas & Coros
Francisco José "Paco Pepe" Pérez - Sax, Subdirección & Coros
Rudy Pratts - Trompeta
Carlos Brandy - Trombón
Jorge Luis "Pucho" Morales - Sax & Coros
José Martinez Leandro - Piano
Edwin Martinez - Bajo
Angel "Angelo" Ramos - Bongó & Percusión Menor
Héctor "Tito Tim" Sánchez - Timbal
Vicente Gaztambide - Conga
Ulises Veldéz - Vocal & Coros
Francisco Javier Quiñonez - Vocal & Coros
David Morales - Vocal & Coros
Freddy Barbosa - Vocal

Músicos Invitados:

Elvin Torres, Hijo
Pedro "Pedrito" Marcano
Cachiro Thompson
Miguel Rodríguez
Jorge Díaz
Pedro Pérez




Costa Brava, one of the currently most prestigious Puerto Rican orchestras, is back with a salsa classic style for the dancer. Elvin Torres (Padre & Hijo) presents us this production with a so innovative sonority within the “Salsa Dura” genre and a so carefully chosen repertoire as well, that once more will place the orchestra in the top ten of all tropical charts during the upcoming months.
 Along with El Gran Combo, Costa Brava was one of the top Puerto Rican salsa bands of the 1980s. Formed in 1978 in Santa Isabel, a small town on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, Costa Brava is led by trumpeter Elvin Torres (Papi), whose son, Elvin Torres, Jr. (Hijo), later joined the band as pianist, composer, and arranger. During the band's prime years, albums such as Dando de Que Hablar (1986), A Tiempo Completo (1987), Orgullo de Puerto Rico (1988), and Costa Brava 90 (1990) regularly appeared on the Top 20 of Billboard's Tropical/Salsa album chart. While the band's popularity steadily faded after the turn of the decade, Costa Brava remained active not only as live performers but also as recording artists. Even if they didn't sell as well as the band's earlier releases, independently released latter-day albums such as Otra Vez (2004, EJR Music), Costa Brava en Navidad (2005, EJR Music), and ¡A Pico y Pala pa' Que No Joma! (2007, Envidia Records) found the band in fine form. ~ Jason Birchmeier


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