Queen of Cuban Country Music

Celina González
Con Frank Fernández Y Adalberto Alvarez

01 - Cantando Celina
02 - Aqui Nacen Los Soneros
03 - Aurora
04 - Santa Barbara
05 - Tonita
06 - Pedacito De Mi Vida
07 - Flores Para Tu Altar

Ensemble – Adalberto Alvarez Y Su Son
Leader – Adalberto Alvarez

Producer – Frank Fernández
Recorded By – Antonio López Rivero
Recorded At: Estudios de Grabaciones EGREM, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba. Julio 1987



 Celina González Zamora (16 March 1929, Jovellanos, Matanzas – 4 February 2015) was a Cuban singer-songwriter, who specialized in "música campesina", traditional music of the Cuban countryside. She is best known for co-authoring A Santa Bárbara with her partner Reutilio Domínguez. Her recording of it was a hit, as was Celia Cruz's version. Celina and Reutilio wrote "Yo soy el punto cubano": the recording was a hit in many countries throughout the world.

At age 16, Celina met Reutilio Dominguez in Santiago de Cuba. He became her singing partner and husband, resulting in a collaboration that lasted until his death in Guantanamo in 1971. In 1948 they began working with the famous Ñico Saquito and gained increasing popularity on radio, film and television. They performed in New York with Beny Moré and Barbarito Diez. In 1964 the duo stopped performing together and Celina continued as a soloist. In later years she sang with her son Lázaro, and was usually accompanied by the conjunto Campo Alegre.

Initially, her music was mainly that of the white countryside guajiro (peasant), with lyrics based on the poetics of décima. The musical form was often that of the punto cubano. The relationship with Ñico Saquito taught her a great deal about the son and the guaracha, and her later work made frequent use of those forms.

In 1980 she won Egrem's Disco de Plata award for the album Celina. This was the first of many awards. In 1984 she was awarded the Vanguardia Nacional for her artistic work and won a trip to the Soviet Union and Bulgaria with her son. In 1984 she won the award for Best Singer at the 27th International Music Festival in Cali, Colombia and after a successful tour in Europe in 1988 she recorded a session for the BBC.

Albums La rica cosecha and Desde La Habana te traigo were well received, and she was nominated, unsuccessfully, for a Grammy in 2001 in the 'Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album' category, for her CD Cincuenta años... como una reina. The album won instead the Cubadisco award for the same year. She died on 4 February 2015, aged 85 in her homeland Cuba.
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