Bonjour Mon Ami : )

Mehrdad Lajevardi
Arash Farhangfar
Spring of Kindness 


01. Daramad Afshari - 3:45
02. Bahar - 3:09
03. Gharai - 6:24
04. Chaharmezrab - 3:52
05. Forood - 3:08
06. Reng e Afshari - 4:19
07. Daramad Rast Panjgah - 1:59
08. Naghmeh - 5:00
09. Raha - 3:20
10. Hejaz - 6:56
11. Mehr - 4:34

Mehrdad Lajevardi - Setar
Arash Farhangfar - Tonbak




Mehrdad Lajevardi was born in 1978
in Tehran.

from the booklet:

One of Setar's specialities, since old days till present, is its potential to comply the expectation of its own audience and of the one who plays it. Various tunes of sound and the sufficiency of being played with different techniques bring novelty and grace to both players and listeners with various tastes and desires, this is, one might say, why Setar's of different players have not much in common; a quality which is not found in every musical instrument.

The tranquillity, delicacy and peace which lie in the sound of the Setar quench the needs of the contemporary human in this high tension style of life nowadays.



Matthew Lavoie said...

Thanks for this and for all of the iranian music you have posted over the years. Here is a link to a Mauritanian recording that I recently posted that I think you might enjoy.


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