Kazakhstan 2

Turar Alypbayev - Dombra
Тұрар Әліпбаев
Тұрардың орындауындағы күйлер


1. Қарасай - Халық күйі
2. Жауға шапқан - Махамбет
3. Байжұма - Құрманғазы
4. Төремұрат - Төремұрат
5. Жігер - Дәулеткерей
6. Ақжарма - Есір
7. Абыл - Абыл
8. Жеңіс - Мұрат Өскенбаев
9. Көкіл - Қазанғап
10. 18 жасар Балжан қыз - Қазанғап
11. Ұршықтың жұртта қалғаны - Қазанғап
12. Қоңыр ала - Әлікей
13. Бұлбұл - Дина
14. Майда қоңыр - Сүгір
15. Адасқақ - Охаб Қабиғожин
16. Имаш Байжұма - Қаршыға Ахмедияров
Dombyra is a kazakh stringed musical instrument played by plucking. It has wooden frame (its length is 1000-1300 millimeters) and two strings. Dombyra is the sole of kazakh people. It can show the most deep feelings and experience , also console in diffcult minutes of trouble.

Dombyra-wisdom of people. Many of kuis are played with dombyra. From these kuis we can hear life experience of our ancestors, history of dramatical events , they bring knowledge about nature, philosophical views of humanity from generation to generation. Dombyra kuis were important factors of between generation succession and work as between timely tool of communication.

Dombyra is a history of nomads. Through centuries and milleniums it brings memory about first pages of nomad’s history. Dombyra was witness of many historical events , which played key role in destiny of ancestors.

As famous poet Kadir Mirzaliev said “real kazakh is not kazakh , real kazakh is dombyra!” our people always like, respect the songs and kuis peformed in dombyra. I suppose,In any kazakh family we can see at least one dombyra and at least one person in family could play it.

National instrument dombyra in different region had different character. It varied in length, neck, shape of corpus and amount of frets. The national instrument in western Kazakhstan with long ,thin neck, pear-shaped form with 13-14 frets. Dombyra of Central Kazakhstan had wide and short neck , trapeziform or triangle form, with 6-8 frets. Unfortunately, in twentieth century hapenned unification of form and size, because of its industrial manufacturing.


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