Kazakhstan 3

Bakyt Basygaraev - Kyuis
Бақыт Басығараев - Күйшi



Күй шақырғыш Ақжелең
Домалатпай Ақжелең
Көкейге түскен көкілжан
Құс қайтару
Шынаяқ тастар
Өттің дүние, кеттің дүние
Құй қожаң бол, молдаң бол
Дөңгелек Ақжелең
Бұраңбел Ақжелең
Балжан қатын
Сен кеткенде мен қайтем
Торы жорғаның бөгелек қақпайы
Шымырауыл құс
Ноғайлының зары
Кел сана батыр, кел сана
Қазыл қайың Мамыт-ау
Айша қатын
Жем суының тасқыны
Аман қосым аман болсын
Торы аттың кекіл қақпайы

According to the book “kuy kainari” (A. Raimbergenov 1990)  The history of traditional music of kazakhs closely interconnected with great musician Korkyt. It is proved by historical materials found in South part of Kazakhstan. But it is difficult to say the exact time when the traditional music was appeared in our country. Because, all the musical heritage of kazakhs was not written(note), it came to our days through hearing from generation to generation. Many of “kuys”(traditional musical composition) were forgotten and lost.I think, if our musician ancestors put their compositions into notes , we would have more musical heritage.
     The development of traditional kuys was in 19th century in the time of famous musicians and talented “kuishi” as Kurmangazi, Mahambet, Tattimbet, Kazangap, Dina, Sugir etc. They continued traditional way to new generation and created their own compositions which became classical music of kazakhs. I suppose, 80-90% of compositions what came to our days created by these musicians.
    In site  www.wikipedia.org/wiki/music_of_kazakhstan written about traditional music during USSR time and its reseachers and change. Yes, In the time of USSR most of kazakh musical heritage was explored by reseachers as Zataevich, Zhubanov, Aravin, Erzakovich, Mergaliev etc. They explored music from villages and put, write music into books with notes. Thanks to these reseachers traditional music in Kazakhstan is alive and developing. Today what we learn,play and hear from traditional music are works of these reseachers.


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