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Dauletkerei(Shygaiuly) (1820-1887) - composer, kiuishi. Dauletkerei was an advocate of the spiritual development of mankind and always defended his principles and convictions. He travelled widely, met with the representatives of artistic and clerical circles and studied common people’s way of life. One of the most important events in the composer’s life was meeting with great Kurmangazy. In addition to Kurmangazy, the kiuishis such as Sokyr Eszhan, Baizhuma, Musirali especially influenced the creative activity of Dauletkerei. Under the influence of such great men formed his civil world outlook and creative development. Dauletkerei’s compositions show progressive social views, philosophy of life, the lyrics of the times, the history of the people. The kiuis of Dauletkerei -«Akbala kyz», «At kalgan», «Baizhuma», «Zhiger», «Kudasha» etc. entered the treasury of Kazakh musical culture.

Various artists
Shigaev Dauletkerey - Kyuis

Nurpeisova Dina (1861-1955) - outstanding representative of traditional art; composer and performer; apprentice of the great Kurmangazy, Popular Artist of Kaz.SSR. Dina’s creative activity links the past with the present. From this viewpoint her creative development itself represents a kind of transitional stage, the missing link between the classic past and the modern state of dombra music. This transitional stage is characterised by complexity and contrariety and is marks the important social and political life of the people (the liberation movement of 1916, the revolution, the Second World War, the post-war restoration period). Dina, who began her activity surrounded by her beloved teachers and preceptors, passed through all the trials and in post-war era passed as if from hands to hands the great achievements of the classics of dombra art. Dina Nurpeisova’s performances that survive on tape include the works of Kurmangazy and Dauletkerei and also her own kiuis. Dina lived a long and hard life. But no hardships could break down this proud and courageous woman. In spite of the hardships Dina never left her «old friend» - the dombra. All her life she had been perfecting her playing skill, reaching that supreme mastery, which allows by the testimonies of witnesses to speak about her unsurpassed dombra technique. The works of Dina became classics of Kazakh dombra music: the kiuis «Bulbul», «Kogen tup», «Baizhuma», «16 god (The year 16)», «Asem konyr», «Toi bastar», «Nakaz Materi (Mother’s advice)», «Sauyinshi», «March 8» and others.
01. Дина Нұрпейісова - Көркем ханым (I түрі) (2:55)
Zhantleuov Kali (1902-1970) - singer, dombra player - kiui composer. People’s Artist of Kazakhstan. Born in Uralsk Region. Started playing dombra when he was five. His first teacher was the kiui composer Tulesh. Perfected his performing art with outstanding kiui composers Nurtaza, Mamen and others. Kali was not only a virtuoso dombra player, but an excellent singer. In 1934 won the first place at first Kazakhstan-wide gathering of people’s performers and was invited to work at the folk instruments’ orchestra. From 1944 became one of the first teachers at the Department of Folk Instruments in Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory. Zhantleuov knew well folk instrumental music (kiuis), perfectly possessed it’s performing traditions. Many young dombra players came to him to show their skill and receive his blessing. His pupils were Sh.Kazhgaliev, R.Omarov, F.Mansurov, N.Tlendiev and others.
02. Қали Жантілеуов - Салық өлген (1:58)
03. Қали Жантілеуов - Қос алқа (I түрі) (2:12)
04. Қали Жантілеуов - Қаражан ханым (3:18)
05. Қали Жантілеуов - Топан (2:15)

Gabdiev Rysbai - dombra player, conductor. People’s Artist of Kazakhstan. Prize winner of many competitions and festivals. Born in 1937 in Atyrau Region. Finished Almaty Musical School and the extension department of Al-Farabi Institute of Culture. Since 1990 - artistic leader and chief conductor of Dina Nurpeisova Folk Instrument Orchestra in Atyrau Region. The basis of Gabdiev’s work lies in the kiuis of Kazakh popular composers (Kurmangazy, Dina, Dauletkerei, Abyl), which are recorded on gramophone records. Two of his concerts are included in the golden fond of Kazakh television. With the concert program Gabdiev   has   been   to many cities of Kazakhstan and also to foreign countries. His creative activity he actively combines with teaching. Gabdiev works in Atyrau Pedagogical Institute and is the author of many books on the methodology of teaching dombra.

06. Рысбай Ғабдиев - Көркем ханым (IІ түрі) (3:07)
07. Рысбай Ғабдиев - Қос ішек (1:56)
08. Рысбай Ғабдиев - Байжұма (1:48)
Eskaliev Azidulla - dombra player. Professor at Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory. Born in 1934 in Atyrau Region. Graduated from Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory. Since 1960 works as dombra soloist at Kazakhconcert. A.Eskaliev is a talented concert performer, possessing the wonderful gift of virtuoso mastery. Multiple works in his performance are broadcast and telecast. Seventeen of his records have entered the golden fond of Kazakhstan. He is a talented teacher and expert on Kazakh national musical traditions. His research embraces a range of issues in dombra performance, where the bascis of performing dombra kiui are systematised. A.Eskaliev is the author of many kiuis, which are performed by soloists and musical groups.
09. Әзидолла Есқалиев - Жеңгем сүйер (2:38)
Karima Saharbaeva, dombra player
10. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Ысқырма (2:58)
11. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Бапас (2:11)
12. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Ақбала қыз (2:16)
13. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Бұлбұл (2:42)
14. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Жұмабике (2:35)
15. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Керілме (5:25)
16. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Жел ашар (3:19)
17. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Ат қалған (2:28)
18. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Қос алқа (II түрі) (2:29)
19. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Тұндырма (1:44)
20. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Қосағалы (2:12)
21. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Құдаша (5:33)
22. Кәрима Сахарбаева - Қоңыр (2:39)
Akhmedyarov Karshymbai - kiui performer and composer. People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, State prizewinner of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the «Parasat» orders. Born in 1946 in Atyrau Region. Graduated from Alma-Ata Conservatory, the Department of Folk Instruments (the class of K.Mukhitova). He worked as dombra player, orchestra leader, and artistic council member of the Kurmangazy Kazakh Academic Folk Orchestra. Akhmedyarov’s repertoire includes compositions of Russian and modern composers and also Russian and foreign classics. He is the composer of arrangements and interpretations of many Kazakh folk compositions. More than 50 kiuis were created by K.Akhmedyarov, among them «Naryn», «Kuanysh», «Ak kain», «Zheldirme», «Sagynysh» are most well known. Akhmedyarov can be rightly called the performer who introduced the world to the performance of Kazakh kiuis.

23. Қаршыға Ахмедияров - Көроғлы (1:33)
24. Қаршыға Ахмедияров - Аңшылық (1:47)
25. Қаршыға Ахмедияров - Жігер (3:05)

The historical development of magical and ritual instrumental music led to the formation of an independent branch of professional instrumental music. It reached the climax of its development thanks to the creative work of such eminent kyui-composers of the 19th-20th centuries as Kurmangazy, Dauletkerey, Dina, Kazangap, Yhlas, Tattimbet, Mammen, Sugur and others. This professional music art amply reflecting the life of a Kazakh nomad still adheres to its ancient sacral roots that once conceived it. The ancient notions and piety towards the instruments and music was constantly preserved in the traditional Kazakh society providing for the highest spiritual level of music art and a special deferential attitude towards the musical instruments.

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