Kazakhstan 7

From  the hoary antiquity to the present day an interesting Kazakh folk legend about the unearthly and  supernatural origin of music, singing have come. It says that the song soaring high in the sky, flying over the great steppe of Kazakh nomads, fell very low, for this reason people, who heard it, were endowed with a great musical gift and abilities by nature. And the people say: «God has invested into the soul of each Kazakh a particle of a kyuy from birth».
Akhmedyarov Karshymbai
75 Kyuis 


More than 50 kiuis were created by K.Akhmedyarov, among them «Naryn», «Kuanysh», «Ak kain», «Zheldirme», «Sagynysh» are most well known. Akhmedyarov can be rightly called the performer who introduced the world to the performance of Kazakh kiuis. Once you start listening you can't stop ...