Kepa & Julio

Julio Pereira & Kepa Junkera
Lau eskutara


1. Madagaskar (2'37)  K.Junkera
2. Eguzkiaren dizdira (3'30)  K.Junkera / J.Pereira
3. Pedrinhas (3'40)  K.Junkera
4. Dantza con noivos (2'24)  K.Junkera
5. Señora-Moca (2'44)  K.Junkera
6. Kalatxoriak (2'45)  K.Junkera / J.Pereira
7. Sodade (4'12)  Luis Morais / Amandio Cabral
8. Jainkoaren poza (3'29)  K.Junkera
9. Pátio das camélias (2'51)  J.Pereira / K.Junkera
10. Pousada das neves (3'21)  J.Pereira / K.Junkera
11. Después de la misa (1'24)  K.Junkera
12. Disfarces (2'40)  J.Pereira / K.Junkera / Tradicional
13. Lau eskutara (2'22)  J.Pereira / K.Junkera

Iraupena: 38' 59"

Julio Pereira, bandolima, Bragako gitarra, gitarra cavaquinhoa, txalaparta
Kepa Junkera, trikitixa, trikitixa kaxa, txalaparta

Grabazioa:  Elkar estudioa (Donostia)
Soinu teknikaria: Jean Phocas
Moldaketak: Julio Pereira

A brilliant teaming of of the Basque accordion legend and the mandolin/guitarist from Portugal in acoustic duets of music from both places. Junkera's trikitixa finds a remarkable sympatico with Pereira's mandolin, cavaquinho and guitarra braguesa on a series of unusual and original compositions.

"...subtle and virtuosic.. most impressive... Together, they explore their own compositions with a pleasing conceptual looseness wedded at times to extremely tight and inspired playing. Pereira's roots in Portuguese Fado come out here and there, as do Junkera's roots in the trikitixa tradition, but most of this is new acoustic music with swing and style." - Dirty Linen

"The result is lively and intricate, drawing on Kepa's Basque pace and energy and the ringing fluidity of Pereira's fado-inflected playing." - Andrew Cronshaw, fROOTS

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