Estrellas De Envidia
Danzón En Descarga
01. Central Constancia
02. Bella Unión De Trinidad
03. Osiris
04. La Flauta Mágica
05. Bodas De Oro
06. Seis Perlas Cubanas
07. Antorcha De Artemisa
08. Jóvenes Del Silencio
09. Jóvenes Del Danubio
10. Almendra
11. Lo Que Sea, Varón
Musicians include:
J.J. Oliveros Flauta
Jesus Rubalcaba Piano
Luis A. Dominguez Piano
Jorge Machado Bajo
E. Lopez Boniatillo Timbal
Wenceslao De Jesus Violin
Ronny Cabarrocas Violin
Humberto Legat "Tico" Violin
Jorge Luis "LP" "Papiosko" Congas
Enrique Lazaga Jr. Congas
J.L. Uriarte "Pepe" Guiro
Barbarito Lopez Coros
Ciso Guanche Coros
Jose Lusson Jr. Coros
A grooving danzón record, with everyone stretching out. The everyone includes the Envidia gang, with J.J. Oliveros on flute, Jesus Rubalcaba on piano, Boniatillo on timbales Jorge Machado on bass and Barbarito Lopez, Ciso Guanche and Jose Lusson Jr. on coros, among others. But it's Rubalcaba that throws gasoline on this particular fire, leaving behind a series of solos that make the music explode with energy. It's like taking a lesson in Cuban piano, and with all its borrowings from other music, a lesson in how cultures beg, borrow and steal to make artistic expression richer than it might have been on its own.
Highly recommended. 
~Peter Watrous


nauma said...

my compliments Miguel,great work has been done here,and you are just in the beginning.I'm out of space in my hd and trying hard to make a way and squeeze all these,there and in my heart!best regards.

owlqaeda said...

thank you for highly recommending this. i wanted to be moody but then i listened to this & realized i could only be happy. this is what the best musique can do. even the flute sounds great