Típico Oriental Cubano
1. Bilongo [03:41]
2. La mujer de Antonio [02:45]
3. El que siembra su maiz [04:33]
4. Ojos malignos [02:48]
5. El manisero [04:24]
6. La catalana [04:13]
7. La mucura [03:25]
8. La negra en la parada [03:37]
9. Hasta siempre comandante [04:07]
10. Camarera [03:16]
11. El telefonito [02:40]
12. Matilda [03:49]
 ...Tipico Oriental. As their name implies, they are a classic band of soneros from Eastern Cuba, though the band moved to Havana many years ago. Originally conceived as a group to play the famous works of Miguel Matamoros...There's a guitar, tres, maracas, and the quintessential Cuban instrument: bongos. The songs are pure, ... and these old-timers are confident in their relaxed way, coasting through the material with that wonderful floating feeling over the rock solid clavé .... a wonderful taste of some of the sweetest music made in the Western hemisphere. ... "this is irresistible, authentic music, uncontaminated by the commercial virus that has debilitated so many contemporary pieces."

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