Dame Cherifa
60 ans de chant et de poésie kabyles


CD 1

01. Sellah
02. Ahessad
03. Ldzayer
04. Diri-yi
05. Ddunit
06. Aqlagh
07. Mebrouk el ferh
08. Iaraq lehssab
09. Mlâyoun tettru
10. Twaghit
11. Win yeghran
12. Ayidg

CD 2

1. Yelsat tacacit
2. Ruh djit
3. Aya zerzur
4. Ssut wartiran
5. An zur lwali
6. Azwaw
7. A yelli
8. Layun n tir
9. Aqlagh n ttajeb
10. Achal uzelagh
11. Zzin lleqbayal
12. Sniwa d ifendjallen
13. Sber ay ul-iw
14. Ceqan-iyi medden
CHERIFA, 60 years of kabyle singing and poetry.

Over 6 decades Ouardia BOUCHEMIAL has been considered as one of the most important contributing figure to the kabyle artistic scene. and a safe patrimony of female singing in Algeria. All the artists from northern Algeria from Idir to Aït Menguelet and Matoub Lunes recogize her as the singer who gave to the kabylian ‘chanson’ her letters patent of nobility. More populary known as Cherifa, Ouardia was born in small country town of Ylmayen, area of Akbu (small Kabilia). Being a child her mother teaches her first music courses and singing lessons until her professional debut in 1940. Nevertheless she will have to wait until 1942 and her 16th aniversary to travel to Algiers where she’ s hosted by singer Lala Yamina, wife of famous actor Haroun Rachid. Lala, under contract with National Radio introduces Cherifa to the management and this can be considered the real professional start for our young country maid. During 15 years she will record and sing at National Radio of Algiers.Cherifa is now 76 years, her repertoire covers more than 500 songs, but her situation is comparable to Ibrahim Ferrer or Cheikhra Rimitti’s. Relegated and humiliated after the algerian independence, although her notoriety was already installed, she spent a large part of her life doing hardwork in national radio and television and official recognition has been slow in coming.Cherifa represents a precious link between the tradition and the diffusion of the kabyl musical patrimony. Her songs have been used and covered by numerous famous artists but she never received any royalty or credit.Her come-back 2 years ago at Latitudes festival in Paris allowed her to record a double CD with algerian producer Farid Aouameur who took this opportunity to invite the best kabyl musicians of the French capital. . Cherifa ‘s style is derived from many cultural backgrounds but what dominates her repertoire is based for a large part on preludes (icuiquen). Her poems are inspired by day to day life of algerian woman. The music and texts are traditional, written in both Arabic and Tamazight (the Berber language). They include lullabies, love songs and epic poetry.The authenticity of this wonderful artist, will drive us through nostalgy, love and pain and religious litanies in a spriral of sentimental feelings and true emotions. Her vocals are rich and soulful, the rhythms exciting and the instrumentation is a mixture of traditionnal and modern.Apart from her age, Cherifa has a young and fresh spirit, incarnation of the kabylian female singing and a symbol of the resistance of arab woman in front of archaisms, tragedies and intolerance of contemporary society.She has gone through life with a very simple luggage full of beautiful songs, only songs, marqued by the words emotion, freedom and generosity.

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