Korea 4

Korean Traditional Folk Music

1.호남 우도굿 11:15
2.설장구 12:15
3.웃다리 풍물 11:38
4.영남농악 7:00

Kim Yong Bae
Nam Ki Moon
Bang Seung Whan
Park Eun Ha

Choi Byung Sam

The term SamulNori was first brought up in 1978 and describes a genre of music as well as serving as the name of Korea's leading traditional performance group. When used to describe the music genre, SamulNori refers to the performance of four musicians playing and dancing each with a different Korean traditional percussion instrument. The Korean worlds "samul" means "four things", and "nori" means "to play" hence "four things playing."

In 1978 four extremely dynamic and talented Korean percussionists came together to form the group SamulNori. Henceforth, SamulNori has sparked a renaissance in Korea's music scene as well as becoming world-acclaimed. The origin of SamulNori's music can be traced back to what is usually referred to as "farmers" band music ("nong-ak").

SamulNori uniquely combined the rhythms used in nong-ak with musical elements from shamanic ceremonies and modern compositions.


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