Korea 5

Kim Duk Soo
Spirit Of Nature 



1. 메나리 03:28
2. 낙궁 13:58
3. 푸살 08:24
4. 부정 06:28
5. 대감 11:02


6. 씻김 13:20
7. 별신 14:06
8. 귀곡 10:11

Kim Duk Soo

The word 'genius' should not be used to describe an individual with extraordinary talents, but rather an individual who uses those talents to inspire the best from those around him in this sense. The term is a fit appellation for the leader of SamulNori, Kim Duk soo, born in 1952. His father chose him out of eight other siblings to follow in his footsteps as a professional musician in the tradition of wandering artists, called Namsadang.

At the age of five he was awarded the President's citation for his performance, thus beginning an amazing personal career that has taken him to virtually every corner of the world. He graduated from the Korean traditional music and performing art school in Seoul and attended one year of college before the demands of his professional life took over. Aside from his talents as a performer, he has managed, directed, and created numerous productions involving not only music, but also dance and theater.

With the formation of SamulNori in 1978, his life took on new and complicated dimensions. There were five specific purposes in forming the group: to research more expensively the traditional music of Korea, to study the music and instruments (especially percussion instruments) of other traditions throughout the word, to create new music and to provide educational opportunities for students and others to learn Korean percussion. In addition, as leader he has had the responsibility to maintain the excellence that the group is known for.
The sky,
the earth
and a human beeing
become one in an
of music.

Kim Duk Soo


Feq'wah said...

Wonderful posts (5!) about Korean music.

I don't know, Korean music must be hip or something these days(lol)...but i'm planning on visiting a Korean Gut ritual by Dong-ho Cho, which will be held at the excellent Sfinks festival near Antwerp, Belgium.

Some video:

Miguel said...

Lucky you :)

thanks for the tube!

One day I got to go there too :)

iheartu says: ... if you ever have the chance to go to Korea, go to Jindo!

he's got quite a few torrents out there:


stay tuned, more to come here too!


Feq'wah said...

iheartu...who could that be? :)

Thanks for the torrents link! Much appreciated!

Miguel said...

more Korean spirits here

iheartu is lucky to be in Korea at the moment :)