Duduk 3

T.: Yes,:) but before Vache Hovsepyan was another great duduk player: Levon Madoyan :)

Levon Madoyan


1. Akhalkalaki (Dance Song)
2. Akhourian Bar (Dance of Akhourian)
3. Derbent
4. Eraz (A Dream)
5. Hanum bva ozhan
6. Haygagan Azkagragan Barer
7. Jan Gouloum/ Momerov Bar-Alayloukners
8. Maralik
9. Shalakho

"I've collected from various sources (2 books on CDs and 3 Soviet ottsifrovanye records from the 50-60 years) 9 tracks. Apparently, it is no exaggeration to say that this is the first solo album, ofthe great duduk player. :-)
The founder of modern Armenian style of playing the duduk, Madoyan opposed pretentious eastern melizmatike, adopted at that time, more rigorous, but no less expressive style of Armenian folk songs. He expanded the repertoire of Duduk, performing folk songs and mugham, and dance tunes. Madoyan emphasized that the duduk is perfect for the performance of dance music, not just for the music of mourning.
One of the most beautiful melodies of the Armenian "Siretsi yares ram" was written by him.  As a soloist with the orchestra of folk instruments with the Yerevan Philharmonic, he worked on radio and touring throughout the Soviet Union and abroad, many recorded Madoyan, and where ever these records are, and hopefully, we will ever hear them one day.~ hachik"

Thank you hachik :)

Levon Medoyan (1909-1964) was People's Artist, winner of USSR (1939) government awards and prizes, soloist of Radio Folk Instruments State Ensemble, a successful performer of the Armenian melody on the numerous stages of the USSR and Diaspora. He changed the idea of the duduk, and significantly expanded the repertoire starting to play on it dance tunes. Нe is the author of such songs as "Sireci yars taran", first track on Vatche Hovsepian record...

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