"Haïti Chérie"
La Musica Popular de Haiti 

1. Mizisyen - Ti band L'avenir
2. Panamam tombe - Ti band L'avenir
3. Ti zwazo - Ensemble L'avenir
4. Haïti chérie - Ti band L'avenir
5. Legba mia mia - Les Grandes Vissages de Cyvadier
6. Ti medam - Ensemble Le Diplomat
7. L'Arevois plus belle - Ti band L'avenir
8. Fey-O - Ti band L'avenir
In the crowded streets of Port au Prince and other Haitian towns, ti bands - groups of between four and six musicians - used to strike up the first note of méringue and a crowd gathers round.

The music creates a street party where couples dance belt-buckle to belt-buckle to a rhythm that they recognize as their own. This music is the roots of the sound produced by Haiti's international stars: groups like Tabou Combo, Caribbean Sextet, Missile 727 amongst others.

Haitian meringue has a sweeter, more nostalgic melody than the merengue of the Dominican Republic although some rhythmical patterns are common to both genres.
Méringue, also spelled "mereng" in Creole, is a music genre native to Haiti (West Hispaniola). It is related to twoubadou and is musically and historically connected to Dominican merengue. It is a guitar-based style (unlike the primarily accordion-based merengue), and is generally sung in Haitian Creole.

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