Galo cantou

Coral Trovadores do Vale
Beira Mar Novo



01) Bóia, Boiadeiro
02) Beira-Mar da Leonor
03) Paulista das Meninas de Salinas
04) Tirana do Limoeiro
05) Vilão
06) Roda da Margarida
07) Beira-mar dos canoeiros, da Lira
08) Batuques do Presépio
09) Bendito de São José
10) Incelências
11) Roda de Valentino
12) Galo cantou
13) Oi, pescador
14) Saudade de Taperoá
15) Você diz que eu tou doido
16) Eu não sou daqui
17) Dança da tecedeira
18) Cadê meu dedo
19) Coco da velha
20) Roda da carambola
Ficha Técnica:

Direção Musical e Regência: Ivan Vilela
Direção Artística e Produção Executiva: Maria de Fátima Marques, Miracy Pereira da Silva Sebastião Roque (Coral Trovadores do Vale)
Arranjos: Ivan Vilela e Alexandre Lunsqui
Arranjos para Percussão: Carlinhos Ferreira
Músicos Convidados:
Carlinhos Ferreira - Percussão; 
Esdras Rodrigues Silva – Rabeca; 
Josino Medina e Ivan Vilela - Violas; 
Jorge Sebastião Vieira dos Santos – Sanfona
For this CD, was selected a vast repertoire of songs and dances. Chants of Labour, like the Cattle, of Weaver and Beira Mar. The latter sung by the boatmen. Also part of the hard dance parties and created to animate the souls of those who participate in them: Contra-dances, Dances of Villain, Circle Dances. In some of these dances the verses are played by one person or another circle. It also includes Paulista Dance, Weaver Dance and songs for religious reasons as Batuquinhos of Bethlehem, sung at Christmas in honor of the birth of baby Jesus and the Blessed and Incelências- songs ordering the soul of someone who left. The cultural proximity to the Northeast Valley is recorded by a Coco Stylish Bambelôs of Bahia, with its wild and contagious rhythms.

The repertoire of this CD are composed also of songs with beautiful melodies like Limon. Finally, a repertoire that brings the listener, back at times, at the time Blacks, Indians and Portuguese had not yet amalgamated as it is today perceived in the Brazilian culture "

(Text written by the poet, journalist, writer and photographer John the Evangelist Robinson extracted from the CD booklet SEASIDE NEW)

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The members of the choir are of humble origin, all belonging to the community, are workers of different professions, barns, masons, shoemakers, artisans and business people, housewives, laundresses, teachers and students.


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