Guitarra, Tiple, Bandola, Requinto

De Medellin à Popayan
Les Guitares Des Andes Colombiennes
Colombia: Guitarra, Tiple, Bandola, Requinto


1. Volando - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
2. Tunjuelito - Jorge Ariza
3. Atardecer - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
4. Mariquitena - Jorge Ariza
5. Flor De Romero - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
6. Maria - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
7. El Paisa - Virgilio Rojas
8. Radio Santa Fe - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
9. Esto Es Torbellino - Jorge Ariza
10. Esteros Del Camajuan - Jorge Ariza
11. Orquideas - Jorge Ariza
12. Torbellino Veleno - Jorge Ariza
13. Irradiacion - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
14. Vivita - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
15. Torbellino Chipateno - Jorge Ariza
16. Jorcasti - Jorge Ariza
17. Que Vivan Los Novios - Jorge Ariza
18. Reyesco - Jorge Ariza
19. Sobre El Humo - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero
20. Esperancita - Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero

Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero (Guitarra, Tiple, Bandola)
Jorge Ariza (Requinto)
Virgilio Rojas (Guitarra)
This volume of the Musique du Monde series documents traditional music for string instruments (performed on guitarra, tiple, bandola, and requinto) performed by the Andean folk group Trio Morales Pino d'Alvaro Romero, and assisted by Jorge Ariza on requinto and Virgilio Rojas on guitarra. De Medellin à Popayan covers the heavily Spanish-influenced folk styles of this region: bambuco, pasillo, guabina, and torbellino. The music is energetic and celebratory and would typically be played in village gatherings. The instruments combine to create interesting textures, with the strings providing both rhythm and melody. An intriguing document of the rural highlands of Columbia, De Medellin à Popayan shows the lasting impact of Spanish colonization. ~ Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide
Like its esmeralds, this a gem of Colombian music unknown to many but deeply appreciated by few. Listen once to this music and you will fall in love with it. Trio Morales Pino started around 1899, I recommend these albums: De Mi Tierra, Tiple Guitarra y Bandola, Recuerdos del Pasado, Colombia en Mi Violin, Meridiano Bogota. ~ Camilo

The Morales Pino Trío was a Colombian band. The trio was innovative in its use of Colombian traditional instruments: the Bandola, Tiple, and guitar. Its name was inspired by Pedro Morales Pino, one of the most beloved composers and musicians in Colombia.

The main members of the Morales Pino Trio were:

    * Álvaro Romero Sánchez - director, composer and guitarist
    * Diego Estrada Montoya - Bandola
    * Peregrino Galindo - Tiple

The trio developed a successful career in the Colombian musical scene, recording over 24 LP records with record label Sonolux.


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