A Symphony of birdsong
during the mating season

1. Black Woodpecker Drumming. 03:23
2. Black Woodpecker Courtship. 02:52
3. Black Woodpecker, Feeding of Young. 01:50
4. Robin. 04:45
5. Tawny Owl Territorial Fights at Night in Autumn. 02:34
6. Tawny Owl Courtship in the Early Spring. 01:24
7. Sound of Waves on Lake Constance. 00:53
8. Reed Warbler Territorial Dispute. 02:26
9. Little Grebe Courtship and Antagonistic Displays. 03:46
10. Water Rail Courtship Display. 03:41
11. Spotted Crake Advertising. Call. 02:31
12. River Warbler and Cuckoo. 02:22
13. Morning Chorus Before a Thunderstorm. 01:57
14. Morning Thunderstorm. 08:47
15. After the Storm. 08:43
16. Golden Oriole. 01:48
17. Norhern Burgenland Golden Oriole. 01:55
18. Syrian Woodpecker and Golden Oriole. 03:25
19. Southern Burgenland Golden Oriole.  01:59
Schwarzspecht, Rotkehlchen, Waldkauz, Teichrohrsänger, Zwergtaucher, Wasserralle, Tüpfelsumpfhuhn, Schlagschwirl, Kuckuck, Pirol, Blutspecht
As to why we love hearing birds sing, American biologist E.O.Wilson coined the term "biophilia" for our deep human need to connect with nature. Ironically, of course, birdsong has a quite different biological origin, with two purposes: to drive away rival males, and to attract females.
Or as performance poet A.F.Harrold so succinctly put it: 
"Fuck off - or - Fuck me."


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