Musique Du Monde



1. Arménie : Yeghish Manoukian - Hautbois Duduk
2. Equateur :     Shuar - Ocarina Pututu
3. Namibie : Himba - Flûte Ongembo
4. Mongolie : Kazakh - Flûte Sigizbi
5. Iran : Mohamed Musavi - Flûte Ney (extrait)
6. Maroc : Ait Bou Guemmez - Clarinette Aghamin
7. Federation De Russie : Udege - Trompes Kuinki
8. Afrique Centrale : Trompes D'ivoire
9. Australie : Bamboma - Trompes Didjeridoo
10. Guyane : Wayana - Clarinettes Waitakala
11. Bali : Flûtes Suling
12. Europe : Une Anche Passe - Saxophone Taragot Et Clarinettes
13. Chine : Haubois Suona
14. Japon : Yoshikazu Iwamoto - Flûtes Shakuhachi
15. Cameroun : Peil - Hautbois Ghaïta (extrait)
16. Vietnam : Hmong Noir - Orgue à Bouche Khèn (extrait)
17. Maroc. : Ait Bou Guemmez - Flûte 'awwada (qasba) (extrait)
18. Baloutchistan : Flûte Doneli
19. Kirghizstan : Ocarina Copo Coor
20. Papouasie Nouvelle Guinnée : Sepik - Flûtes Harmoniques
21. Zaïre : Mongo - Ocarina Lolofongo
22. Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée : Huli - Flûte De Pan Gulupobe
Recordings of ethnic flutes and reed instruments, often with percussion, from Musique Du Monde releases.

Souffle : La Base De Toutes Les Traditions Des Musiques Du Monde

If vocal music was the first man-made music and percussion the second, wind instruments would undoubtedly be the third (and the first melody making instrument). The idea that a dead bone or cut plant had a voice of its own was not simply considered interesting it was magic – used to aid man with his communication with the world of spirits, to cure illness, protect crops etc.
Originally primitive one-note instruments would be blown in sequence by a collection of primitive beings to form a primitive melody. Amazingly around this time the use of harmonics was also used to extend melodic possibilities (blowing harder to get a different note – a harmonic of the basic note).
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