Musique D'Auvergne

Musique D'Auvergne


A1 Bourrées "À Deux Violonsé     3:23   
A2 Mazurka Et Brezon Valse     4:48   
A3 Le Faitou     2:40   
A4 Pendant La Messe Et Scottish Valse     2:11   
A5 La Vicoise     1:30   
A6 Réveillées, Chansons De Quête     3:40
B1 Obal Din Lo Ribieyro, Regret     4:02   
B2 "La Caille" Et "Lo Couquignotte"     1:57   
B3 Suite De Marches     2:42   
B4 Suite De Bourrées "Ai Vist Lou Loup"     2:05   
B5 "La Tsabro" Et "Bourrée Des Nuages"     2:20   
B6 "Plant Un Cao", Scottish     4:20


Bagpipes [Cabrette], Hurdy Gurdy, Bells [Sonnailles], Vocals - Bernard Blanc
Bass [Fender] - Gérard Lavigne
Melodeon, Violin, Mandolin, Vocals, Bells [Sonnailles] - Jean Blanchard
Piano, Guitar - Denis Gasser
Violin, Viola - Philippe Fromont
Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, Spinet - Emmanuelle Parrenin
A very nicely polished ensemble of good Auvergne tunes, several of them familiar, with a group of excellent musicians, notably Jean Blanchard and Bernard Blanc. There's a bit of piano in places, but mostly good solid French trad. Very enjoyable.

Emmanuelle Parrenin sings here, but this Gentiane album is not like her sophisticated masterpiece "Maison Rose", it's raw french folk. Good to bring to the wooden house lost in the forest.

Gentiane was an occasional group. The musicians who converge in this recording came from different horizons. They met to make a project with which they had encariñado themselves: a disc of folk music of Auvernia, being different itself from the rest of the recordings in type of adjustments and the respect to the styles and the instruments. Before the success achieved by the recording they acted occasionally, but their particular commitments ruined the possible continuity of the group.
In order to understand the evolution of the members of Gentiane it is necessary to consider some aspects. In the first place, the two matrices of folk are mentioned French are Paris and Lyon with their respective clubs of folk. To these it is necessary to add to the musicians bretones who arrive from the hand and Alan Stivell and the French nucleus of bluegrass. Soon the ramifications are interlaced. The members of Gentiane have participated in different groups folk like the Chantarelle, the Bamboche, the Chifonnie, Him Bourdon, Confrerie DES fous, Melusine, Forlane, New Ragged Company, Plume ET goudron, Lyonnesse, Connection and Equinoxe, among others.
~Manuel Domínguez.

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bolingo69 said...

Hi Mi,

Seems like a very nice album. I always liked the Enzian and Suze the little old grandmother aperitif, even the berr modifier Amer Picon has gentiana. I have to see what this herb does to music. Since they have so good food the music cannot be without flavours... So Casserol du tripe au bleu d'Auvergne is a favourite of mine so I guess this could be my "glass of beer", "cup of tea"... etc...

Thank you very much and have a nice X-mas!


PS. My word identification was "vegibler"