Viva Brasil

Tania Maria - Viva Brasil


01. Florzinha (Petite Fleur) (Sidney Bechet - Tania Maria Correa Reis)
02. Tá Tudo Certo (Tania Maria Correa Reis) / Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben Jor)
03. Sebastiana (Rosil Cavalcanti)
04. Encanto Meu (Tania Maria Correa Reis)
05. Vem Pra Roda (Tania Maria Correa Reis)
06. It's Only Love (Tania Maria Correa Reis - Leslie Carter)
07. One Note Samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim - Newton Mendonça)
08. Não Se Avexe Não (Francisco Anysio - Haydee Paula)
09. Amei Demais (Tania Maria Correa Reis)
10. Sangria (Tania Maria Correa Reis)
11. Conceição (Jair Amorim - Dunga)


Tania Maria (vocals, piano, synthesizer);
Cacao (saxophone, flute, clarinet);
Marc Bertaux, Carlos Werneck (bass);
Stephane Huchard (drums);
Mestre Carneiro (percussion).
Want to know how to say "wow" in Portuguese? Try Tania Maria. That says it all.

On her new CD titled "Viva Brazil", Tania Maria returns—musically at least—to her native Brazil. She combines her original compositions with some of the best known Brazilian classics. Her interpretation of "Sebastiana" is second to none. And there is her stunning arrangement of "One Note Samba". She slows the normally jumpy tempo to a sultry ballad and the result is magic.

Then there are Tania Maria's original composition, my favorite being "Sangria". Like the drink, this is a wonderful blend of flavors; jazz, funk and pop.

Tania Maria adds her own creation to the rick tapestry of Brazilian music. Her blend of African rhythms and Latin melodies result in a sound that is at once soulful and rich. The ultimate ingredient in the mix is Tania Maria's sensuous voice.

From the first drum beat of the opening selection "Florzinha/Petite Fleur" and ending with the last mellow notes of "Conceicao" Tania Maria holds her listeners under her spell.

If you are already one of her many fans then this CD is the perfect addition to your collection. If you are new to the sounds of Tania Maria then this CD is the perfect introduction. Either way, don't miss it.
Brazilian singer/pianist/composer Tania Maria launched her career in France in the 1970s and sounds as energetic as ever. One of the original crossover artists, she combines classic Brazilian rhythms and sensibility with funk, jazz, pop, and splash of rock & roll. Tania Maria is instantly recognizable: nobody would confuse her strong, lusty, distinctive voice and playful piano style (including those dissonant three-note fills) with anyone else. This CD contains one of her signature tunes, "It's Only Love," updated with Cacao's soulful sax as well as some experiments. There's a percussion-infused version of Sidney Bechet's well-known "Petite Fleur," which works so well it's the highlight of the CD, and a slow ballad take on "One Note Samba," which doesn't. The melody simply isn't interesting enough to elongate. But there are better moments here: the funky bass work and churning percussion on "Encanto Meu," "Nao Se Avexe Nao," and "Sangria," which is served up hot, with Tania Maria's fiery, Cuban-style solo and comping; the syncopated party pulse on "Vem Pr'a Roda"; and the sexy, laid-back swing on "Amei Demais." Her singing is so expressive it makes one wish that English translations of the lyrics were provided. Tania Maria's mischievous humor really comes out in her electrifying live performances, but there are hints of it here in her laughing countdown to one track and the background chorus of "Whoa!" on another. This veteran is one of a kind, and this CD is a good introduction to her sound and a must-have for fans.
~ Judith Schlesinger

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