Makit Dolan Muqam Troupe of Makit County
The Uyghur Muqam

01. Bash Bayawan Muqam
02. Zil Bayawan Muqam
03. Chol Bayawan Muqam
04. Otang Bayawan Muqam
05. Bom Bayawan Muqam
06. Sim Bayawan Muqam
07. Jula Muqam
08. Dugamet Bayawan Muqam
09. Hudek Bayawan Muqam
10. Instrumental Music of Dolan Maxirap (Aketamu Folk Song & The Girl with the Long Braided Hair)
This album showcases the world-renowned muqam of the Uyghur Dolan from Makit County of Xinjiang. The muqam of the Dolan are the heritage of the Dolan’s hunting culture and way of life. A folk art with unique characteristics of the Dolan people, the Dolan Muqam, like its relatives, also embrace elements of Uyghur literature, music, dance and folk tradition. But the tunes and lyrics are very much their own and without much contamination from other regional muqam or folk music. The Dolan muqam differ from others in their rhythmic patterns and their use of powerful and dynamic drumming. Performers display high degree of individualism by following different melodic patterns but nevertheless achieve a unique heterophonic and heterorhythmic harmony.

The Musical Instruments of the Dolan Muqam
The instruments used in the Dolan muqam include the qalun (a plucked dulcimer), a Dolan rawap (a plucked lute), a Dolan ghijek (a bowed fiddle), and three types – high-pitched, middle-pitched and low-pitched – of dap (or frame drum). A Dolan muqam performance begins with an overture by the qalun, the Dolan rawap and the Dolan ghijek, with each playing its own melody and with a leading musician singing on a different tune and pitch at the same time. Although the instruments and vocals follow different melodic patterns, they work in unison, creating a unique heterophonic and heterorhythmic harmony.
tracks 1- 9 can also be found on the CD
Chinese Turkestan - The Muqam of the Dolan, INEDIT
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Miguel said...

BTW I just got the message:

it is a different recording!

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mister_microphone said...

Very nice! Thank you for Toroyloco! By the way, I also recorded this very same Dolan ensemble in Makit a couple of years prior to these if interested - sample HERE if you like!