La Route De La Soie - The Silk Road


01 - Dulan Muqam
02 - Nawa Muqam
03 - Bayat-Nawa Muqam [Muqaddima]
04 - Mushawarik Muqam [Dastan Marghul]
05 - Sharh Aman
06 - Khushtarman
07 - Qambarkhan
08 - Nazirkhom
09 - Damulla
10 - Dart Alam
11 - Worksong
12 - Tagh Suleri
Recordings by Anderson Bakewell, 1986-87
'Musique is tremendously important to the inhabitants of the former 'silk road'. not only are their lives accompanied throughout by musique of professional musicans [sazanda], hired to play at births, circumcisions, weddings & innumerable religious festivals, but musique as an amateur pursuit is, unlike many Islamic countries, actively encouraged. Instruments are found in every home & often played from a very young age. Singers are hired to accompany farmers in the fields, wandering mendicants [habdal] chant religious hymns in the bazaars & virtually any social gathering can be transformed, at the slightest provocation, into a mashrap [celebration], a cultural institution in which song & dance is the central focus.

There are large number of Uyghur folksongs, many universally known in the tarim basin. they are, like much turkic musique, linked to poetic forms marked by strong rhythms & tinged with melancholy. The subject is almost invariably love: meditations on the beauty of the beloved & the anguish of seperation or unrequited affections. The intersection of the musical genres of the amateur & professional musician makes categorization of Uyghur musique difficult, but the muqum fits the description in the popular mind of a classical musique. The muqum is of great significance to the Uyghurs, not only as a repository of musical inheritance, but also as the symbol of their cultural heritage.'

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La Route De La Soie - The Silk Road

Makit Dolan Muqam Troupe of Makit County

Uyghur Musicians from Xinjiang

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