Paras Nath
Flute bansuri


1. Raga Megh
2. Pahari Dhun
3. Raga desh
4. Raga Gujari Todi
5. Varanasi Folk Tune
6. Light Dhun
7. Raga Madhuvanti
8. Raga Chandra Prabha
The bansuri a bamboo flute is one of the oldest instruments of the Indian sub-continent. And the young Paras Nath is from a dynasty of flautists whose family tradition of dedication to the art of flute playing stretches back four centuries Sublime melodies are inspired by divine love. The Indian flute has always been associated with the God Krishna. The CD opens with the Raga Megh which is played during the monsoon season. At this time the whole of nature quivers and hearts waver between joy and melancholy.
Born in the family of traditional Flute players of Banaras in 1954, pandit ji has learned flute since his very early childhood. He first started receiving his formal training at the age of nine from his father Pt. Shiv Nath Prasad (a renowned flute player) & uncle Pt. Anant Lal (a renowned Shehnai player).

Pt. Amar Nath has inherited his art from his own family tradition (Banaras Gharana) which is nearly four centuries old and which has produced some of the great flutist of India.

Pandit ji has performed in numerous prestigious music conferences in India & Abroad. Namely ICCR, Sangeet Natak Academy, Bharat Cultural Integration Committee, Sahitya Kala Parishad and has won accolades from the Critics of Indian Classical Music. He also has performed many times in National Program of Doordarshan Kendra and Akashawani.

He has performed in many Western Countries and has given numerous solo performances in countries like Holland, West China, Germany, England, Switzerland, U.S.A., Japan, Russia, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Taipei etc.

His CDs have been released in U.S.A., which have made a great impact on the listeners. One of his memorable performances in abroad was in “50 years of Indian Independence Festival” in Kazakhstan held under the auspices of ICCR.


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