Estoy Hecho Tierra...

Eliades Ochoa y el Cuarteto Patria


1. Estoy hecho tierra
Autor: Ñico Saquito    4:57
2. Beso discreto
Autor: Miguel Matamoros 3:20
3. Ojos malignos
Autor: Juan Pichardo    3:10
4. Para ti nengón
Autor: D.R.    6:08
5. Llegó el cuarteto Patria
Autor: Compay Segundo    4:15
6. Mujer perjura
Autor: Miguel Campanioni 3:42
7. Qué te parece Cholito
Autor: D.R.    4:34
8. Caminito de Zaza
Autor: El Jilguero de Cienfuegos 6:10
9. Entre las flores
Autor: Manolo Castillo    3:12
10. Rita la caimana
Autor: Lorenzo Hierrezuelo    4:20
11. Las mujeres de Mayarí
Autor: Compay Segundo    2:31
12. Alma de mujer
Autor: Valdés Pí    2:57
13. La culebra
Autor: Obdulio Morales  4:20

Elíades Ochoa: guitar, lead vocals
Humberto Ochoa: guitar, backing vocals
Roberto Torres: percussion, backing vocals
William Calderón: acoustic bass, backing vocals
Cuarteto Patria was founded in 1940 by María Emilia García, a singer and maracas player.
From the beginning, the group followed the tradition of the trova style left behind by Ñico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros and Los Compadres -the duo formed by Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and Compay Segundo-, and, little by little, its popularity has grown up the point where it has become the best known Cuban quartet, winner of numerous awards.

For many years now, the leader of Cuarteto Patria is Eliades Ochoa. He joined the band when veteran group leader Roberto Echeverría left Cuarteto Patria in 1978. Until then, the legendary group had not recorded any albums despite its popularity.

With the addition of Eliades Ochoa, Cuarteto Patria started its international career, playing since then in Europe, Mexico and even the United States. In addition, the music repertoire was expanded from the original bolero and criolla, Cuarteto Patria's specialties, to include son montuno, guaracha and guajira. All of it perfectly integrated in a natural way by a group bent on preserving the best musical tradition in Cuba with an essential line-up: guitars, acoustic bass, percussion and well harmonized vocals.

In 1997 Eliades Ochoa participated in the Buena Vista Social Club project, that Ry Cooder produced, bringing together some of the best performers of Cuban son.  Today Cuarteto Patria is made up of Eliades, with his brother Humberto on second guitar and two young musicians, William Calderón on acoustic bass and Roberto Torres who plays bongos and congas.

Eliades Ochoa (born 22 June 1946) is a Cuban guitarist and singer from Loma de la Avispa, Songo La Maya in the east of the country near Santiago de Cuba.
He began playing the guitar when he was six and in 1978 he was invited to join Cuarteto Patria, a group founded in 1939, as its leader. Although he looks like a guajiro, and he still wears his trademark cowboy hat, his roots are in the son, and he only agreed to take on the role of leader if he was allowed to introduce new elements to the repertoire. He plays the tres, and also a variant called cuatro (with two additional strings). His involvement with the Buena Vista Social Club and the Wim Wenders film of the same name (1999), has led him to worldwide fame.
In 2010 he recorded an album with a number of Cuban and Malian musicians, including Toumani Diabaté, titled AfroCubism.


Estoy Hecho Tierra
Ojalá nunca lloviera,   
Ojalá se seque el mar.   
Ojalá que se secara   
El arroyo, el manantial.   
¿por que? ¿por que?   
¿por que? ¿dime por que?   
Porque estoy hecho tierra y si me tiran agua,   
Ya tu sabes que me vuelvo fango   
¡ay! ¡ay! le zumba el mango   
Que una gota de agua me vuelva fango   
Ojalá que se secaran   
Todas las matas de coco,   
Para que nadie pudiera   
Tirarme agua de coco.   
Ojalá que se secaran   
La represa y la laguna,   
Y una gota de rocío,   
Ojalá no vea ninguna.


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