Sones Istmeños

La tortuga
Sones Istmeños
Produced by Eduardo Llerenas


01. La llorona - Los Hermanos Rios
02. El feo - Los Hermanos Rios
03. Son huini - Los Hermanos Rios
04. La Martiniana - Los Hermanos Rios
05. La petenera - Los Pergaminos
06. Bacanda - Los Pergaminos
07. La Petrona - Los Pergaminos
08. Admira - Los Pergaminos
09. Ni'bixi dxi ziña - Binni Gula´ Za
10. Simuna - Binni Gula´ Za
11. María - Binni Gula´ Za
12. Ra bacheeza - Binni Gula´ Za
13. Shuncu stinee - Binni Gula´ Za
14. Vieju lucuuxhu - Luis Sánchez
15. Griseyda amá - Luis Sánchez
16. La tortuga - Luis Sánchez
17. Ranchu gubiña - Los Andariegos
18. Sollozando - Los Andariegos
19. La Juanita - Los Andariegos
Virtuoso guitarists - some famous, others unknown, sing, in Zapotec and Spanish, the love songs and laments that are amongst the great romantic compositions of Mexican music.

Third in the acclaimed series that presents the great masters of Mexican son, this CD reveals the musical heart of a proudly defiant culture. Vocals in the sones istmeños are profoundly emotional, charged with an infectious melancholy.

There is a rugged sweetness in the singing both in Zapotec and in Spanish.
This CD was recorded in the towns and villages of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and brings together three groups as well as one duet and one solo artist. The musicians vary considerably in age and in their styles of playing, from the country style of Los Pergaminos to the deep roots of Vieju Lucccxhu and Binni Gula'za to the more sophisticated style of Hermanos Rios and the spectacular trio from Juchitan, Los Andariegos.
Un son muy conocido es La tortuga, canción popular que evoca la captura de tortugas y sus huevos en el Golfo de Tehuantepec. Originalmente en zapoteco, existen versiones en castellano.

Letra en zapoteco:

¡Ay, ay, bigu xhi pé scarú
jma pa ñaca me guiña dó
jma pa ñoo me ndani zuquii
nanixha ñahua laame yanna dxi!

Traducción al español:

Ay, ay, tortuga, qué linda
pero mejor en un mole
pero mejor asada en un horno
qué rico si me la comiera hoy!

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