Sones Jarochos

La Iguana
Sones Jarochos
Produced by Eduardo Llerenas


01. La guacamaya - Trío de Mandinga
02. El cascabel - Trío de Mandinga
03. El ahualulco - Trío de Mandinga
04. La manta - Los Tiburones del Golfo
05. La sarna - Los Tiburones del Golfo
06. La bamba - Conjunto de Santiago Tuxtla
07. La María Justa - Daniel Cabrera
08. La culebra - Daniel Cabrera
09. Los juiles - Daniel Cabrera
10. La candela - Daniel Cabrera
11. El cupido - Ecos del Papaloapan
12. El pájaro cú - Ecos del Papaloapan
13. La tuza - Ecos del Papaloapan
14. El cascabel - Conjunto Tlacotalpan
15. El siquisirí - Conjunto Cosamaloapan
16. La morena - Conjunto Cosamaloapan
17. El canelo - Conjunto Cosamaloapan
18. La tarasca - Conjunto Cosamaloapan
19. El balajú - Conjunto Los Jarochos
20. El jarabe loco - Conjunto Los Jarochos
21. El pájaro carpintero - Conjunto Los Jarochos
22. La indita - Conjunto Los Jarochos
23. La iguana - Conjunto Los Jarochos
 "A CD series featuring old and new practicioners of the traditional son, and its first offering is an irresistible collection of Sones Jarochos" TIME

From the Port of Veracruz down the Gulf Coast to the sugar town of Cosamaloapan and beyond, son jarocho bands play the furious percussive guitars and harps that have made this style a favourite throughout Mexico.

Presenting bands from the most rootsy to the most commercial, this collection is the first in a series of CDs that feature great masters of the eight different styles of Mexican son. Son jarocho, born of the blend of the region's African, Spanish and indigenous roots, is best known internationally for providing La Bamba in its original form. In this collection, the traditional repertoire is interpreted in styles that vary from the slick sophistication of Los Jarochos to the raw emotional power of Daniel Cabrera, a man in his nineties who plays the forgotten sones alone, accompanied on his jarana guitar.

All the selections on this CD are original, unedited recordings
What is the Son Jarocho?
"According to ethnomusicologist Daniel Sheehy, although the son jarocho repertoire consists of around  80 individual sones based on local themes, the jarocho musicians ability to improvise new harmonies, melodies, and verses, always makes the performance of one of these sones unique. Jarocho musicians always say that they never perform two identical versions of the same son."

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