Aşıq Hüseyn Saraçlı



01. Agir Shekili
02. Bagdad Dubeyti(2)
03. Bash Saritel
04. Dagida Bilmez
05. Behrani
06. Dol Hicrani
07. Bagdad Dubeyti(1)
08. Etrafli Dubeyti
09. Qehramani
10. Mechul
11. Ruhani
12. Terif
Ashiq Hussein Saraclı In 1916, the Republic of Georgia in the Bolnisi district officials sacrifice the well-known person in the family Borcalının Saraclı was born in the village. In 1931, the establishment of collective farms during the period of his father, shot dead by Russian bolsevikləri.

Incomplete secondary education at the school's Saraclı it removes the peak of fame in the real sense, the name of the entire Caucasus, Turkey and Central Asia is still very young age the art of languages ​​əzbəri to the ankle. Saz Ismail learned tutmagı Saraclıda Here, Here and Sarvan Ibrahim Quscunun puxtələsib next holiday. Masters of the famous words of poet Fakhrali Borcalının Nəbinin and other talent bəhrələnib Agacanın yogrulmus with The Gift of God.

Ashiq Hussein Saraclı size-buxunu, sits, posture, speech, along with the conversation, but also the moral - with a high morality was a minstrel. Ashiq, yetisdirib possible Sadaxlı catdırdıgı səyirdləri Ahmad, Muhammad Sadaxlı, Sadi Ulaslı, Nureddin Gasimli and others on the horse, together with the major-lowlander Borcalını dolasar land-land, was invited to the near countries is heavily weddings, meetings would leave.

Ashiq Ashiq Hussein Saraclı was also creative. Languages ​​əzbəri seirlərin were a few epic, "Qurbəti-Karam", "Baghdad dubeyti as" good havalarının Ashiq Hussain was the author of many fiction and documentary film Saraclının speeches, television programs were yarasıgı. "Pipe sound" film caldıgı "spiritual" atmosphere of the great works of art as an example of the eternal life won tamasacını əfsunlayan.

Hussein Saraclı ashigs II and III of convention, held in Moscow in 1959, was an active participant in the art ongunluyunun.

Many of his poems, written articles, short film. Ozan wrote about the great national poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzade: "... He listened eposes Saraclının said. The visit of the master of the literary and figurative Alesker Here's the situation in front of the eyes, such as Performance canlanır. I could watch a beautiful opera. The opera he is the director, conductor and performer, and accompanied by the recipient. At the same time, he is the author of the liberetto, as well as a composer. "

Ashiq Hussein Saraclı Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1980 and was awarded the title of the Honored worker of culture, the art collection of the works in 1992, "Writer" was published. People's poet of his life and works of art related to the activity Zelimkhan James "Hussein Saraclı epos" created account.

Ustad Ashiq died in 1987. Qəbristanlıgındadır Saraclı grave.  

Asıg bust in his native village.
Hasanov Hussein was born in 1916 in the village Saraclı. From his early years nurtured a love for art ashug, dastans and playing saz. The first teacher of a young Hussein was Ashyg Ismail. He later went to another prominent ashug his time Gushchu Ibrahim. Continued to study the poets and Nabi Sarwan Bayram (both from the village Fahralo). Ashyg Hussein Sarachly played on saz, wrote poetry and read epics.

The funds of the Azerbaijani and Georgian radio and TV recordings are stored Sarachly Hussein. They are used in the classroom on the acting faculty of the Azerbaijan Institute of Art. On the 60-year anniversary, he was awarded the name of "Honored culture" of Georgia.

Hussein died in 1987 Saraclı at age 71.

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