Shakuhachi and Organ

Masters of Zen
Shakuhachi and Organ
Hōzan Yamamoto & Wolfgang Mitterer


1. Encounter - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer/Masakazu Yashizawa
2. From A Distant Place - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer/Masakazu Yashizawa
3. Classical Feast - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer/Masakazu Yashizawa
4. Twilight In The Tirol - Hozan Yamamoto
5. Midnight Cathedral - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer
6. Blooming In The Peak - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer
7. Buddha's Smile - Hozan Yamamoto
8. Dedicated To The Organ - Hozan Yamamoto/Wolfgang Mitterer
The combination of electronic organ and shakuhachi may seem strange but if we recall that the ancestor of the electronic organ, i.e. pipe organ was an instrument in which air in a pipes is set in vibration, the combination, is not so strange.
山本 邦山
Hōzan Yamamoto
Born 1937


Head of the Hozan-kai Shakuhachi Guild, performer, teacher, composer and pioneer in expanding the possibilities of the shakuhachi, Hozan Yamamoto attended the Seiha Music College graduating in 1962. After formation with Reibo Aoki and Katsuya Yokoyama of the widely acclaimed "Shakuhachi Sanbon Kai" trio in 1966, he electrified the conservative traditional scene by applying his talents to a variety of crossover collaborations beginning with the jazz idiom in 1967. These have led him to work with such world renowned musicians as Ravi Shankar, Jean Pierre Rampal, Tony Scott and Gary Peacock. Through the seventies and eighties to the present he has led the shakuhachi world receiving innumerable honors, including Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Education Ministerial awards for his performances, recordings (numbering in the hundreds) and compositions. He currently serves as lecturer at The Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music.

Designated Living National Treasure in 2002.
Hōzan Yamamoto (山本 邦山, Yamamoto Hōzan; born October 6, 1937 in Ōtsu, Shiga prefecture) is a Japanese shakuhachi player, composer and lecturer.


Wolfgang Mitterer (* June 6 1958 in Lienz, East Tyrol) is an Austrian composer and musician (organ, keyboard).


Don't trust the cover. Don't trust the title. This is not Gheorghe Zamfir & Marcel Cellier- Panflute & Organ (nothing wrong with that) and it is not Jean-Claude Jégat & Louis Yhuel - Bombarde Et Orgue (we are not in Brittany). These are not two Zen Masters... It is electronic organ and shakuhachi plus drum and bass, no not what you think... I guess you have to listen for your good self... : )

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