Chinese Flute

Tseng Yung-Ching
Magic of the Chinese Flute


01. Bird in the Shadows - 3:15
02. The Little Cowherd - 5:52
03. Joyous Meeting - 3:12
04. Song of Yimeng Mountain - 4:07
05. Spring Morning on Yangming Mountain - 6:23
06. Li-chu's Dream (Beijing Opera) - 4:12
07. Wheat Harvest - 4:33
08. "Pa-pan" - 4:50
09. View of a Mountain Village - 6:40
10. The Oriole Spreads his Wing - 3:33
11. Liu Ching - 2:01
12. Plum Blossom Triplet - 5:13
13. Ferry at Hsiao Yao (Beijing Opera) - 11:28
Beautiful and atmospheric Chinese flute music played by world-famous flute virtuoso Tseng Yung-ching. Accompanied on traditional Chinese instruments (yang qin – dulcimer, er-hu – Chinese fiddle, kong-hou – harp, various percussion, etc.).
Yes, and this is the closest we came in our quest for the Dizi so far, forget all these Chinese new age records, they call themselves Wind records, gone with the wind I guess, while ARC has become a serious record company you can almost trust... and that is a lot!
 While very ancient, single-tube Chinese flutes with finger holes have been found—made from the bones of birds or animals, stone, and jade—it seems that the earliest depictions of flutes in China show panpipes (now called paixiao). Pottery figurines of players of end-blown flutes (today called xiao, also spelled hsiao) survive from the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). Transverse flutes (today called di or dizi) became common later, though some sources state that they, along with the xiao, arrived in China from the western regions during the Han Dynasty.

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bolingo69 said...

Fantastic work! 真真牛庇!

I have long since given up on modern recordings.Even though my ears because of tinnitus, these days don't take kindly to the often rather shrill notes of the dizi I will trusting your good tastes give this a spin. Although I usually fare much better with a mellow xiao accompanying a softly plucked qin... ;-)