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1. Naranjas y limas (Versión corta)
2. Las posadas
3. Naranjas y limas (entrada)
4. El siquisirí
5. El buscapiés
6. El butaquito
7. El toro Zacamandú
8. Naranjas y limas (despedida)
9. El viejo
Traditional Christmas music from Tlacotalpan, Veracruz in México, the hometown of son jarocho.
In Tlacotalpan the Christmas celebrations are a mix of secular and religious ceremonies. It is sung in the churches, but also organized groups of people, from December 24, go from house to house singing and playing, the tradition that is called Rama, because traditionally it is sheltered by a branch profusely decorated that comes from the shrub called Rosalia, at the same time it carries a representation of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Portalito.
The Rama asks permission to enter and once granted comes to play and dance for a while until it sings a special verse which calls bonus, ie a voluntary contribution for their efforts, as a consideration in cash or an invitation to share food and drink.

This tradition has roots that go back many centuries in both pre-Hispanic culture and the European Tlacotalpan crystallizing in a very characteristic song of a chorus known as oranges and limes, which alternates with the Quartet to fully account for the ability inventiveness of the people of Veracruz, and that while maintaining the structure and the chorus, the number of verses that have been created is nearly infinite and constantly updated.

Also included in this recording Posadas, religious song used to accompany the liturgy of these days so special to her Catholic faith, the old party song originally conga rhythm, sung on December 31 each year to fire and to be used for kitchen utensils by way of informal instruments and percussion, some jarochos sounds traditionally used in the celebration of Christmas festivities Tlacotalpan.

Did you notice some people have a "fish" sticker on the back of their car. Yes, they are saying, we're in the know. Christmas is not about this little boy... (see the Mexican Christmas star)
"If Jesus was a Jew, why did he have a Mexican name?" someone asked... good question! Names, names and the meaning got lost... 
And may I ask why do you see "me" behind the manger... Ha you got it! Taurus is much much older then the fish and btw now we have aquarius... maybe time to change your manger decoration again...
...just open your eyes and ears, there is soo much to discover which they could not replace with their bullshit (well better word would be popeshit) and thats why we are fighting for tradition even the reasons might got lost... 

...oh no! they didn't ... listen... it's our's...

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