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The Hellenic Music Archives
Greek Carols of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Carols of Christmas Day

01 - Christmas, First Birth (Pelopponese)
02 - Forty Days And Forty Nights (Western Thrace)
03 - Good Day And Still Good Day (Aegina)
04 - Down In The Holy Land (Samos And Thrace)
05 - Good Evening, Lords (Crete)
06 - I'll Bid You Good Evening (Cyprus)
07 - For You, Lovely Maiden (Ikaria)
08 - Come Here, Good Neighbours (Epirus)
09 - Christmas, First Birth (Xanthi)
10 - God Without Beginning (Kotyora, Pontos)
11 - Don't You Hear, My Dove- (North Thrace)
12 - Strina (Southern Italy)
13 - Christ Was Born (Kerasounta)
14 - Carols, Grandma, Carols (Kozani)
15 - Today The Magi Come (Corfu)
16 - Christmas, First Birth (Western Macedonia)
17 - This Is The Day (Byzantine, Dodecanese)
18 - Christmas, First Birth (Propontis)

Carols of New Year's Day

19 - Saint Basil Is Coming (Thessaly And Macedonia)
20 - Good Even' Lords (Argostoli)
21 - Erourem (Kappadocia And Mytilene)
22 - First Carol (Pontus)
23 - It's New Year Again (Macedonia)
24 - Start Of The Month, Start Of The Year (Karpathos)
25 - A New Year, O My Brothers (Byzantine)
26 - St. Basil Is Coming (Thessaly)
27 - I Bid You Good Evening, Lord (Archangelos, Rhodes)
28 - First Of The Month And First Of The Year (Zakinthos)

Carols of Epiphany Day

29 - Good Day To You All, Brothers (Patmos)
30 - From The Desert The Baptist (Byzantine)




let's not forget christmas is ours and it is here to stay, it does not belong to any religion, they just stole it, let's get it back and happily celebrate the winter solstice the longest night of the year and when the days get longer, more light comes up and of course it is about the miracle of creation... just open your eyes and ears, there is so much beauty, it is not about torture and killing, no, just the opposite... everybody knows...


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