We Go to Carol!

Jdem koljaduvaty! 
Children Sing

01. Svjatyj Mykolaj (dytjachyj hor "Medunyci")
02. Oj, hto, hto Mykolaja ljubyt' (dytjachyj hor "Medunyci")
03. Sydyt' Mykolaj (fol'k. ans. "Javoryna")
04. Jdem koljaduvaty (dytjachyj hor "Medunyci")
05. Boh sja rozhdaje
06. Diva Marija horu kopala (fol'k. ans. "Javoryna")
07. Po vs'omu svitu stala novyna (fol'k. ans. "Javoryna")
08. Bihla telychka, bih kozelec', oj, u pechi okrip bizhyt' (dytjachyj hor "Medunyci")
9. Vodinnja kozy (Children folklore ensemble "Tsviten'")
10. Hoj daj Bozhe (Children folklore ensemble "Tsviten'")
11. Z novym vas, ljudy, rokom (dytjachyj hor "Medunyci")
12. Jak siv Isus Hrystos ta vecherjaty (fol'k. ans. "Javoryna")
13. Dobryj vechir, pane-hospodarju (Children folklore ensemble "Tsviten'")
14. Schadryj, schadryj, schadryvochka (Children folklore ensemble "Tsviten'")
15. Zakuvala syva zozulen'ka (velykyj dytjachyj hor Ukr. radio)
16. V poli, v poli pluzhok hodyt' (vok. ans. divchatok horu "Zirnycja")
17. Schedryk (velykyj dytjachyj hor Ukr. radio)
18. Schedrivky (Hor junakiv ta hlopchykiv pry Derzh. chol. hor. kapeli im. Revuc'koho)
19. Schedryk (velykyj dytjachyj hor Ukr. radio)

I think that everyone who during the holiday has been visited by children who came to sing songs and receive a gift knows – there is great pleasure and joy in these songs. Especially if they are sung not “hit or miss”, but well – otherwise the celebratory mood may be spoilt a bit. As to this disk, you need not doubt – here, everything is sung either well, or very well. We have already repeatedly spoken about how rich funds of the National Radio Company of Ukraine are. The mentioned riches have demonstrated themselves to their best this time as well – each song is a new pleasure. Just in case, I warn you – in some songs, the raise is performed not by children, but by adults. But even in such cases children's chorus sounds all the same. However, to tell you the truth, if you start listening attentively – you pay attention to some other details. First of all, probably, sincerity of performance – and everything is ok here with it. Owing to this, one very quickly joins the celebratory space – and feels cozy there.
Carols originated, of course, in a form that had nothing to do with Christmas, or even with Christ. The old French carole, a ring dance with song, may derive from the Greek choros, a circling dance associated with fertility rites and celebration. Like so many other traditions, the carol was appropriated by the church for its nativity festival. Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la! Or, if you prefer, Gloria in excelsis Deo!

...to say that Virgin Mary had a baby is blasphemy to say the least... Of cource she was not a virgin since she had fantastic sex with the father of little Jesus and not just that they were in love :)
And that's what it's all about...


ajnabi said...

Spasiba Bolshoi!
Perfect timing. just got the Christmas tree up yesterday

Miguel said...

yes, since 6 days the christmas lights in the streets are putting the night in such a merry mood : )

We need this since it gets darker and colder here...

just got a very little tree too...

drygianakis said...

Ωραία, ευχαριστούμε Miguel!