Azat Aitkul, Kurai, Ufa

Azat Ayytkolov


01. Kart bayyk
02. Tsialkovskiy
03. Yergeyyesh
04. Synrau torna
05. Buranbay
06. Fort Perovskiy
07. Yomaguzha-Mesetle
08. Afgan keye
09. Teftileu
10. Keyelde
11. Yeyeule Mekhmut
12. Khisam khem beyyeu keyzere
13. Khandugas
14. Kakhym ture




Azat Aitkul (Kura, Ufa)

Azat Minnigaleevich Aitkul - the world famous virtuoso instrumentalist in Bashkir folk wind instrument kurai (national type of reed flute). He is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the People's Artist of Belarus, winner of III All-Russian competition of folk music (1986, Tula).

In one of the most beautiful parts of the republic - the Ural mountain village Yuldybaevo Zilair district famous musician was born. In these places, the plant kurai grows, predetermined his fate. He became interested in music while studying at the Ufa secondary boarding school here N1.Imenno musician met Kurai and began to comprehend the basics of playing. The growth of professional skills was continued in the class known Bashkir kursista GZ Suleymanov, who taught at the Ufa College of Art (1977), hereinafter musician graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Bashkir Bashkir State University.
Concert activity - the meaning of life. With a lot of tours AM Aitkul traveled all over the Soviet Union as a solo instrumentalist and Gosconcert Rosconcert. Through the Department of Defense participated in concert tours in Germany, Mongolia, worked on the frontline concert brigades in Afghanistan. Foreign tour musician cover geography almost every continent of the globe. The countries of Western and Central Europe (Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal), Middle East (Turkey), North (USA, Canada) and South America (Peru), South-East Asia ( Singapore, New Zealand), Australia applauded art musician.

Subtle understanding of the Bashkir folklore, impeccable sense of style make it different performing style. Equally deeply and completely fulfills kuraist Bashkir folk tunes instrumental nature, rooted in an epic-narrative tunes-kubairov, broaching, lyrical improvisational type ozone-kui forming a layer of folk art and recreate the spiritual search and presentation of the Bashkirs, marching songs by about historical events took place, telling about famous historical figures, heroes of the Bashkir people. Incendiary, song and dance tunes Kiska-kui (short songs) affect his performance genuine optimism, humor and cunning. Fluent technique of uzlyau ("throat-kurai") reflecting the desire of the musician to maintain and develop ne of the most difficult forms of popular music-making.

The repertoire of AM Aitkul is extensive and includes all the currently known musical patterns of national folklore. Kuraist virtuoso emerged as a sensitive assamblist constantly performing with famous Bashkir singers - People's Artist of Belarus FA Kildiyarovoy, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, the winner of the International Competition B. Hyzyrovym and others to date functioning syncretic folk forms and genres, led musician organize a national group "Ural".

AM Aitkul created the technique of learning to play an instrument, allowing you to quickly master the basics of mastery. He is constantly expanding his students, developing not only solo, but ensemble and any form of execution of the Kurai.
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