Land Of Singing Cranes (1)

Abdulla Sultanov
National Singer


01.  Army - Арме
02.  Buranbay - Буранбай
03.  Eskadron - Эскадрон
04.  Ilyas - Ильяс
05.  Kakkukkay - Какуккай
06.  Kara At - Кара ат
07.  Shaura - Шаура
08.  Sibay - Сибай
09.  Taftilyau - Тафтилау
10.  Toman - Томан
11.  Uiyl - Уйыл
12.  Ural - Урал
13.  Yamantau - Ямантау
14.  Zulhiza - Золхиза



  The Bashkir folk songs classic include a number of poetical monuments which reflect the history of the Bashkir people. The events of their century-old struggle for freedom, for native land are shown through these songs. But it is only when a song is performed at a high artistic level. The spread of a song among people, its becoming classical is undoubtedly connected with the autor's level of excellence and the performer's skill. The Bashkir people keep in their memory the names of famous singers, musicians. It is known for example that the outstanding singer-improvisator Buranbai was called the nightingale of the Urals. Having the range of over 2 octaves, full of dramatic qualities the song "Buranbai" is performed by only few singers. The song is the striking illustration of its autor-Buranbai. The national singer Abdulla Sultanov is one of the best performers of the song. No wonder that contemporaries call him Buranbai of our days.

    Аbdulla Afzalovich Sultanov was born in 1930, in the village of Kubagush, Uchalinsky region, Bashkortostan. His father died in the Great Patriotic War. From his childhood Abdulla experienced herdsmen hard work. 

    Нe liked singing in pastures. Perhaps the magestic nature of the Ural Mountains made Abdulla sing drawling sad folk songs. We can say with confidence the following: Abdulla Sultanov's vocal school goes from the Bashkir folk songs classics. He never changed his type.

    That's why people love him, that's why people consider him a true national singer.
    For valuable service in art of song Abdulla Sultanov was awarded the honorary title "Honoured Culture Worker of Bashkortostan" and The Salavat Ulaev State Prise.

Sultanov, Abdullah Afzalovich

Abdullah Afzalovich Sultanov (September 25, 1928, the village Kubagushevo, Tamyan-Kataysky BASSR Canton (now - Uchalinsky District) - Bashkir singer kuraist. Voice over a large range of two octaves. "High notes Abdullah Sultanov takes breast cavity, and yet even professional singers rarely This is achieved. microphones He does not like - he did not have anything to strengthen. "(Regina Utyashova.) became famous as a singer Bashkir folk songs (especially in the genre of ozone-kui.), People's Artist of Bashkortostan (1996), Honored Worker of Culture BASSR (1986). winner of the 1992 Republican Award Salavat Yulayev "for outstanding performance skills and a great contribution to the promotion of songwriting."

Abdullah Sultanov - amazing man of destiny. Before entering the professional scene during perestroika, followed by concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Bulgaria and Romania, in Japan, he worked for 40 years in his native village shepherd and herdsman [1], speaking in his native area " almost every country club and field camps Uchalinskoe District "(Bagumanov, Faizova, S. 198). For the first time on stage led him Abdullah Sultanov school teacher Maftuha Sufyanovna when he heard seven Abdullah. Art and knowledge of folk songs seven year old boy adopted from a simple large peasant family. "Busy household, taciturn mother - Mahiyamal talked to loved child language soulful songs" (Nelly Ahmetzhanova), Afzal's father, his brother and their uncle were strong kuraistami. From his father Abdullah Sultanov adopted kuraista skill and knowledge of classical singing songs "ozone-kui" - "Ural", "volume" ("Fog"), "Buranbay." In his native land - Bashkir Urals - Abdullah Sultanov took the traditions of old, like his compatriot, who became professional singers - Nazhiya Allayarova, Flyura Kildiyarova, Nazif Kadyrov. On the big stage of amateur fell in 1955. Moscow is hosting the Decade Bashkir literature and art, where the final concert kuraist A. Sultanov accompanied young talented singer Bashkir folk songs, a native of the area Uchalinskoe N. Allayarovoy. Enrolled in the dance group "Yuldash" (later "Leysan"), Sultanov has participated in various shows of amateur performances that took place in the Soviet Union, went on tour in Germany, Portugal, Poland. In 1977 the I All-Union Festival winners amateur A. Sultanov accompanied by an ensemble kuraistov Zianchurinskogo district performed with great success on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses famous Bashkir folk song "Ural". In 1993, Abdullah Sultanov lost his sight after an accident, which got going after rehearsal gala concert of opera.

Abdullah performed the most famous composition Afzalovichem Sultanov - ozone-kui (long song) "Buranbay." TS Saifullin, founder of the Bashkir choir, said: "He" Buranbay "sang so I'm just speechless! Kind of singing I've ever heard! This is such a voice! There is also internal depth, and a stunning range, easy voice goes up and goes down easy ... "[2]" Sultanovsky option "Buranbaya" - is another facet of the inexhaustible rich dramatic way "(Bagumanov, Faizova, S. 199) .

Recital Abdullah Sultanov, nominated for the prize of Salavat Yulayev was held in April 1992 in the Great Hall Bashgosfilarmonii. Bashkir A.A.Sultanov performed songs ozone-kui, among them - "Yamalekay-tau", "Sibal", "Zyulhizya" as well as the ones that took over a small boy from his father - "Ural", "The Fog," " Buranbay. "
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 Since 1939, after the end of primary school, eleven-year-old Abdullah became state farm cattle shepherd. He worked as a shepherd until retirement. Every morning, Abdullah correctly deduced the herd on pasture. The rural nature prompted him to improvise, on cane kurai, wooden kubyz, on whistles made ​​from the leaves of trees and grass. In the village Kubagushevo, the home of the singer, one can hear different stories and legends about the shepherd - singer and kurai player from elderly people. One of them reads: "Ahead comes kuraist (Abdullah) and under melodic kurai sounds  the cows are returning from the pasture"


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