Land Of Singing Cranes (2)

Suleiman Abdullin


БХИ Cыр дарья
БХИ hыр йылгаhы
БХИ Zulkhiza
БХИ Арме
БХИ Артылыш
БХИ Баяс
БХИ Бейеш
БХИ Бойракай
БХИ Гайса
БХИ Ергаеш буйы
БХИ Залифакай
БХИ Зарифа
БХИ Илсе Гайса
БХИ Ильяс
БХИ Каhым тура
БХИ Камалек
БХИ Кара ат
БХИ Кара сурай
БХИ Касмарт буйы
БХИ Мазинакай
БХИ Ойзорак буйы
БХИ Сакырмасы какук
БХИ Санлы узак
БХИ Тафтилау
БХИ Томан
БХИ Уйыл
БХИ Урал
БХИ Уткан гумер
БХИ Хисам
БХИ Шафик
Кайын габак
Кара kарлугас микан
Табын йыры
Тыуган яктарым




Suleiman Abdullin Ayupovich

Date of Birth: August 15, 1928
Place of birth: Utyagulovo Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Date of death: 2001
Professions: Bashkir folk singer, Honored Artist BASSR 1986

Abdullin Suleiman Ayupovich - Bashkir folk singer and Merited Artist of the Bashkir ASSR.


Suleiman Abdullin born August 15, 1928, in the village Utyagulovo Zianchurinsokogo district of Bashkortostan, was one of the first Bashkir singers performing the Bashkir folk songs with the Philharmonic stage. He was the pioneer of this business, devoting his entire life. Creativity Abdullina greatly influenced all subsequent generations of national singers. From childhood he sang in concerts in clubs and schools, at the request of both adults and children, in the mountains, which many around the village. At 8 years old the first time he participated in the show amateur district and sang such "adult" songs like "Buranbay", "Tashtugay." In the work of Suleiman Abdullina special place song "Valley Kasmarki" (a small river, which flows near the village). He took it as a relic from the father. In 1942, Agay Ayup before heading to the front, along with the rising 14-year-old son to the mountain Birdegul, long look at the district, and then sat down on a large rock, he sang this song, so good-bye to his native land forever. "My son - he said before departing - you sound beautiful. When the war is over, go to Ufa, the people sing on the radio at least once. " These words Suleiman took as farewell for life and, having arrived in 1948 for the first time in Ufa, sang on the radio to your favorite song "Valley Kasmarki" - farewell song father. Song dedicated to his native land. Twenty gifted singer was invited to work at the Bashkir State Philharmonic. 26 years he has worked Philharmonic soloist and leader of the concert crew. He had a lyric tenor, very strong, operatic plan (this means that the singer could sing without a microphone), rich in different emotional tones. It soon became the idol Abdullin public.

First place in his repertoire took fado, though there were songs of composers of the country. Looks very calm, he changed completely in the performance of folk songs, putting them up emotions. "Bashkir folk songs I sing with all your being, with all your heart, love with all my heart, - said the singer. - What would I have sung a song, I always penetrate her words, her history. " Each of them in his performance rose to the level of musical and poetic drama, "Madinakay", "Zalifakay", "Kamalek", "Shafiq". More than sixty. And all - the classic examples of the Bashkir lingering songs such as "Ural" and "Syrdarya". Zianchurinskogo origin of the songs the singer performed the song "Khisamov", "Kara Sura", "Ergaish", which he took from his mother, was collected on the bank of the small river berries. Although people are very fond of art Abdullina Suleiman, and he quickly became famous, the official recognition he had to wait very long. Only in 1986, he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic."
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Suleiman Abdullin-  Artylysh - Tabyn Yyry
Kurai accompaniment by Gata Suleimanov

1961, "Апрелевский Завод" 37037/8 (78rpm 8'')

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