More Pearls of the Ural Mountains

Flyura Kildiyarova
The Bashkort Bel Canto


01. Iske Ural - Иске Урал
02. Hamar - hакмар
03. Altyn Urza - Алтын Урза
04. Oyzirakay Buye - Ойзорак буйы
05. Eskadron - Эсадрон
06. Kahym Tyra
07. Buranbay - Буранбай
08. Karauanharay - Карауанhарай
09. Tohvat Kanton - Тухват кантон
10. Bayas
11. Shafik - Шафик
12. Tashtugay - Таштугай
13. Gilmiyaza - Fилмияза
14. Zalifakay
15. Ashkadar - Ашказар
16. Kakukkai - Какуккай



 Flyura Kildiyarova
     To better understand the people of a country one is to be initiated to their songs. The Bashkort national singing tradition can be compared to the Italian school of Bel Canto. The peculiarity of a Bashkort song is that nearly every one of them might be compared to an operatic aria. Performing a Bashkort folk song will require of the singer great professional skills and special vocalic qualities.
      The performer has also to be fully aware of the national colouring of the song and of its message. The one who sang "Buranbay" or played this tune was believed to have excelled in masterly execution.
      The Bashkort "othon kei"(long-drawn tune) is known for its intricate melodius pattern. It is also so composed that there is always room for improvisation. The Bashkort song is so peculiarly tuneful that it requires of the performer to literally put his soul into the song, which he actually does. That is why every performer is ever so distinctive.
 Flyura Kildiyarova,
 People's artiste of the Republic of Bashkortostan,
Honoured artiste of Russian Federation,
The Salavat Yulayev Prize Laureate



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