Happiness, Eternity, Harmony.

Robert Yuldashev 
The Divine Melodies Of Kurai


01. Ural (3:21)
02. The Leader Kahym (2:59)
03. Taftilyau (3:08)
04. Abdrahman (2:51)
05. Kamalek (3:34)
06. Buranbai (4:07)
07. The Old Tashtugai (2:44)
08. Baias (2:41)
09. Koloi Kanton (4:11)
10. Khisam (2:50)
11. Sibai (4:13)
12. Nightingale (3:17)
13. Cuckoo (2:48)
14. The Pilgrim Gaisa (3:45)
15. Shafik (4:00)
16. Syrdarya (2:54)
17. Gilmiyaza (4:01)



Robert Yuldashev 
 - kuraysy - (ethnic musician and performer on the ancient musical wind instrument Kurai).
Kurai is made of reed that grows in the southern Urals.

Robert Yuldashev long been a place of honor in the field of musical culture, conquered half the world by playing the instrument originally Bashkir - Kurai.

In kitty Robert Yuldashev collaboration with Nikolay Noskov, Garik Sukachev Pelagia, as well as performances with the "Moscow Virtuosi" Vladimir Spivakov. Robert Yuldashev had a hand in creating the soundtrack for the drama "House of the Sun" Garik Sukachev and together with the Symphony Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre has recorded music for the film "The Way."

One of the main achievements of the musician is performance on the stage of the world famous La Scala theater in Milan, along with opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov. But to call Yuldashev follower traditional Bashkir music can: together with the Moscow composer he wrote Marat Taturasom club project Haua, the purpose of which was a synthesis of contemporary electronic music and Kurai.

In June 2006, Robert Yuldashev creates its own group of musicians called "Kuraysy." The basis of the team, are the ancient Bashkir musical instruments Dungur, dumbra, kurai, kubyz.

Genre of musicians many directions: Folk-Music, jazz-rock, ethnic, jazz, orchestra music, chill out and lounge, but most of them close in spirit to the ethno-trance Music. In repertoire Bashkir folk and art music, covers of famous songs.

Of the last significant achievements:
international music forum "The Creation - 2011" Robert Yuldashev and his team "Kuraysy" received the nomination "Opening of the festival."

II in the international music competition "Terem Crossover 2012" received a nomination for "national identity" and the very highest nomination "Audience Award".


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