Ai, Ural you, my Ural

Ishmulla Dilmukhametov


Hайра Hары Hандугасым
Ашка Ар
Без Названия
Бейеш (йыр)
Егет Мухаббате
Ергаиш Буйы (йыр)
Зангар Куз (йыр)
Илмия А
Ильяс (йыр)
Курайсы Егет (курай)
Курайсы Егет
Поппури (курай)
С Лим К Й
Салимакай (йыр)
Сынрау Торна (курай)
Ташту Ай
Таштугай 2 Се Вариант (курай)
Урал (йыр)
Урал (курай)

Хайра Хандугас (йыр)
Халкым Осон (йыр)
Хыр (йыр)
Ш Р Килен
Шаура Килен (курай)




Dilmukhametov Ishmulla Ishkaleevich

Born: September 15, 1928
Place of birth etc.: Staroyakupovo Zilair BASSR Canton (now Zilair district of Bashkortostan)
Died: October 19, 1984 (56 years)
Place of death: Ufa BASSR
Instrument: Kurai
Awards Honored Artist of Russia - 1975

Ishmulla Ishkaleevich Dilmukhametov (bashk. Dilmөhәmmәtov Ishmulla Ishҡәle uly, 1928-1984) - Bashkir actor kuraist, singer, playwright, composer. People's Artist BASSR (1973), Honored Artist of Russia (1975), winner of the Republican Prize Salavat Yulayev (1974).


Dilmukhametov Ishmulla Ishkaleevich was born September 15, 1928 in the village of Canton Staroyakupovo Zilair BASSR (now Zilair district of Bashkortostan).

In the period from 1943 to 1949 worked in Dilmukhametov Ishmulla Baimak Bashkir folk theater. Then three years served in the Soviet Army.

After the Army, worked as an actor Ishmulla Ishkaleevich Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre. C in 1966 and until his death, he was the lead singer and kuraistom Bashkir State Philharmonic.

In these years Dilmukhametov Ishmulla Ishkaleevich becoming one of the leading artists of the Bashkir stage, known to the public as a unique virtuoso kuraist, talented singer-improviser, a connoisseur of the Bashkir folklore. [1] With the revival of his work is related to a characteristic of past masters manner of playing on the Kurai, combined with elements uzlyau. [2]

From pop concerts Bashkir Dilmukhametov Ishmulla visited all regions and cities of the republic and the native of the Soviet Union and the Soviet delegation culture performed in France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, West Germany, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, Burma, and other countries. Viewers of these countries forever loved kurai and kuraista. [3]

For efficient creative activity Ishmulle Ishkaleevichu awarded the title of People's Artist in BASSR (1973), Honored Artist of Russia (1975), he also became the 1974 winner of the Republican Prize Salavat Yulayev.


At home kuraista virtuoso, in the village of Staro Yakupov established house museum Dilmuhametova II. [1]


Repertoire Ishmully Dilmuhametova includes many Bashkir folk vocal and instrumental tunes, including "Ural", "Buranbay", "Gilmiyaza" ("Ғilmiyaza"), "Zulhiza" ("Zөlhizә"), "Tashtugay" ("Tashtuғay" ), "The Cranes Are Singing" ("Syңrau the turn") and others. Libretto by the composer Dilmuhametova ZG Ismagilov created the opera "The ambassadors of the Urals" ("Ural ilselәre"), "Akmulla" ("Aҡmulla"), "Kahym-Toure '(' Ҡahym tүrә").


    Shakur R. Ishmulla Dilmukhametov / / laureate Salavat Yulayev. Ufa, 1987.



Ai, Ural you, my Ural
Giant gray, Ural!
Head to the clouds
Climbed you, my Ural!
My song is about you.
Oh my love for you.

...and with this song Ishmulla Dilmukhametov opened every concert... : ) 
Ишмулла Дилмөхәмәтов

 Ishmulla Dilmukhametov
Kurai melodies

1975, Мелодия С30-05721


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