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Cándido Fabré y su Banda
 Cubano Soy


01. El Apagón (Son Conga)
02. Cuba te quiere (Son)
03. Volverás (Bolero Son)
04. De Cuba Venego y Cubano Soy (Son)
05. Si se arreglara el mundo (Son)
06. El Granny (Guaracha Son)
07. La fórmula (Bolero Son)
08. Un Tema para Marìa (Danzón Cha)
09. Aquí si la gente baila (Son)
10. Por qué tú no te enamoras de mí (Songo)
11. Tú la dejaste ir (Balada)
12. Fabré llegó (Guaracha Son)


Cándido Fabré (vocals, guiro); Domingos Alcantara (vocals, tres); Pedro Arias (vocals, percussion); Lennis "La Muñeca" Fabré, Iyani Fabré, Eleodoro Leon Alarcon (vocals); José Sanz Camejo (requinto); Sucel Díaz, Damian Cámbar, Luis Barroso (violin); Jorge E. Brull, Lennis Lara Castellanos (trumpet); Sinecio Figueredo (piano); Wilfredo "El Gallego" Alonso (drums, bongos); Orlando Antomachín (drums); Miguel Arias (guiro).Audio Mixers: Julio Montoro; Edesio Alejandro; Cachao.
Recording information: Siboney Studios, Santiago De Cuba.


 This is one of the best Cuban son outfits around, all of its elements crisply directed at the dancefloor, but still making for good armchair listening.
The Wire

Candido Fabre is one of the baddest soneros (singers) in Cuba today. It's been over five years since the release of his last album. In between he has continued performing and writing songs for Los Van Van, Yumuri, Issac Delgado and others. With a more raspy and hoarser voice, he delivers twelve tracks that will put you in a spin! While it may take some folks getting to used to his vocals now, he is still one of the most prolific commentators on life in Cuba and its view of the outside world.

He is the greatest sonero since Benny More. Candido has the phrasing and fire of a great salsa vocalist.. " Latin Beat - USA

"Candido is a first-class salsa singer, loved as much for his earthy charisma as his infectious dance music, - Jan Fairley ? Songlines - UK

Candido Fabre is one of Cuba's leading musicians and is considered one of the most versatile and ingenious soneros of Latin America. His improvisations have helped to build his reputation as an artist of great charisma and authenticity. He is also a prolific songwriter and his work has been performed in Cuba by Orquestra Aragon, Los Van Van, Manguare, Isaac Delgado, Celia Cruz and Oscar D'Leon.

Candido has the phrasing and fire of a great salsa vocalist. His back up group features the flute and violin line-up of classic charanga, and the members of his group swing with elegance through some excellent arrangements in the finest tradition of charangas playing son.

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