...rare beauty...



01. Sound Memories
02. Awakening
03. Nostalgia  Of Orient
04. Eros
05. Dance For Three
06. Dream
07. Myths And Hymns
08. Nine Breaths
09. Quest
10. Each Moon Says
 Costas Hanis: marimba, vibraphone, drums, xylophone, clay pots, toubeleki, bendir,tiny percussions, voice
Lefteris Agouridakis: santuroor, vibraphone with bow, bendir, african drum, toubeleki
Costas Papapostolou: ney, flute, shepherd`s flute, pan pipes



This self titled debut album, released from Salonika`s ANO KATO records, in 1996. DIOTIMA was a greek acoustic, instrumental trio who played wooden winds and various percussions. Their sound was based on traditional greek folk & art folk, recalling a long past rooted at the ancient times. One can also detects influences from contemporary era, european composers, jazz modes, oriental, minimal, ambient forms. From moonlit Mediterranean coasts to the far east tranquility...the earth traveller chooses a slower pace, discreet, meditative, esoteric, ceremonial. Between self concentration and initiation into the importance of some details, the music...flows.
...a job with rare beauty that constantly urges further exploration...
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 Κώστας Χανής
Λευτέρης Αγγουριδάκης

Κάθε φεγγάρι ομολογεί
κι εσύ κάνεις πως τάχα δε καταλαβαίνεις
ξέρεις ότι φορείς τον ήλιο
και ότι πριν εκείνο κατεβεί εσύ ανεβαίνεις

Οδυσσέας Ελύτης




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