Flute & Guitar

Mie Ogura & 
Atanas Ourkouzounov
False Classic


01 - Rada
02 - No Mystery
03 - Bul-Bop
04 - "Musica Ricercata" Allegro Con Spirito
05 - "Musica Ricercata" Rubato-Lamentoso
06 - "Musica Ricercata" Vivace
07 - "Musica Ricercata" Vivace-Energico
08 - "Three East Tales" N°1 the Fox's Dance
09 - "Three East Tales" N°2 the Red Elf's Lullaby
10 - "Three East Tales" N°3 Dracula's Caprice
11 - Spain
12 - Take the "A" Train
13 - Macedonian Song
14 - Bulchenska Ratchenitsa

Works by Ligeti, Corea, Ourkouzounov, Ellington, Papasov.

Mie Ogura: flute
Atanas Ourkouzounov: guitar





Born in Japan 1973, Mie Ogura started to play the flute at age 7.
In 1989, she finished her studies at the Takamatsu Music Highschool in Japan and obtained the first price in the National students Flute Competition in Osaka.

In 1994,Mie Ogura moved to France,and in 1999 graduated with Diplôme Supérieur from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris under Pierre-Yves Artaud and Sophie Cherrier.. then obtained an improvisation diploma under the tutelage of Alain Savouret.
She also studied baroque flute with Pierre Séchet and jazz improvisation Jean-Charles Richard, as well as indian music with Patrick Moutal.

In 2001 she obtained a scholarship from the Academia Musicale de Siena(Italy) under Aurèle Nicolet(flute) and Alain Meunier(chamber music), also worked with Franco Donatoni.They highly appreciates her playing.

Her playng is called"The fan of sound",since 1995 Mie Ogura has appeared regulary as a soloist and chamber musician with different ensembles and orchestras,among others,Ensamble Sphota(improvisation),Ensemble L’Itinéraire,Ensemble Entretemps(contemporary music),Orchestre pour la paix(Classical), Compagny Robinson(contemporary Danse) etc...and invited in many festivals in the world (Europe,America,Canada,Australia,Japan..)

Her improvisation playng in also appreciated from many jazz and classical musiciens such as Loelle Léandre(cb), Glenn Ferris(tb), Masataka Hirano(Sax), Shin-Ichi Fukuda,Kazumi Watanabe, Carlo Domeniconi(gt) and many others.

Mie Ogura has recorded with the ensemble Triton2 (Label MFA,France) and Ensemble Ourkouzounov (Label KLE,Italy),and Duo with Atanas OURKOUZOUNOV (Label Varié in Japan and Label H&S Paris) also edited the jazz flute beginners book « Flute Jazz Coffeebreak », published in 2005 at Edition Trim (Japan).

Her favorite musiciens is Miles Davis,Roland Kirk,Chick Corea,Keith Jarrett,Hari Prasad Chaurasia etc....

Flute and imrovisation professor at the Jacques Ibert Conservatory in Paris,and Conservatory in Sucy en Brie.

Atanas Ourkouzounov (b. 1970 in Burgas, Bulgaria), a leading figure in Bulgaria’s contemporary music, is winning international fame both as a guitarist and as a composer. His music features the asymmetric rhythms and modal harmonies typical of his homeland but, like Béla Bartók, Ourkouzounov (pronounced Oor-koo-ZOO-nov) uses regional traditions as a point of departure from which he ranges widely in an intu-itive and personal way. Whereas Bartók’s muse was the piano, Ourkouzounov’s muse is―fortunately for guitarists―the guitar. Ourkouzounov has written over 60 works for guitar―solos, duos, trios, quartets, instrumental ensembles, and two concerti―a number of which have won important prizes, and a majority of which have been published by leading publishers.

Atanas Ourkouzounov performs widely as soloist, with his wife the Japanese flautist Mie Ogura, and with the Ourkouzounov Ensemble (two guitars, flute and cello).
In addition to three CDs on which Ourkouzounov plays, more than 30 CDs of his music performed by others are currently available.

Ourkouzounov is also in demand as a teacher and juror at conferences and conservatories in Europe and Japan and he holds a full-time position at the Conservatoire “Maurice Ravel” in Paris.

Atanas Ourkouzounov grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he began guitar studies with Dimitar Doitchinov.

Starting in 1992, he continued his studies in France with Arnaud Dumond, Alexandre Lagoya and Olivier Chassain. He studied guitar, chamber music, analysis, ethnomusicology and improvisation at the Paris Conservatory and graduated in 1997 winning by unanimous vote the First Prize in guitar.

Six years before he went to Paris, he started to compose. He was 16 years old and had been playing guitar only one year. For fun, he began changing details in pieces he was learning and then he wrote his first piece―3 Inventions―using the baroque idiom and subject of a fugue he was studying. He became intoxicated with composing and soon started using melodies, rhythms, and modal harmonies of Bulgarian folk music. At the same time, he was avidly listening to recordings, especially Arthur Honegger’s Symphonie N°5 and Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Petrushka.To this day, Igor Stravinsky, György Ligeti, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Claude Debussy are among Ourkouzounov’s favorite composers.

While at least a trace of Bulgaria is always present in Ourkouzounov’s music, in the last eight years he has also written pieces he calls “dedications” in which he composes his own music
from the point of view of other composers and/or idioms―for example, Caprice d'après Paganini(which imagines a "new” Paganini as he might exist today); Fantaisie d'après Kapsberger (which draws on elements of 17th-century music for archlute); and Toryanse
Tales(which uses a Japanese folk theme).

Ourkouzounov is also fascinated by timbre and idiomatic colorisitic effects ―as explored for example in Light Echoes from Star -light―5 Nocturnes, in the Reflet guitar duos, and above all in the Visions Chromatiques N°1for guitar solo and the Visions Chromatiques N°2 for voice, violin, mandola, and guitar.

Ourkouzounov feels the “timbre” works are more contemporary and abstract―and perhaps more personal― than his pieces in which Bulgarian elements prevail.

Ourkouzounov enjoys performing flute-guitar duos with his wife. Typical programs are two Ourkouzounov works alongside arrangements and original music by diverse composers―for example, pieces by Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Béla Bartók, and Claude Debussy―as well as arrangements Ourkouzounov calls “postcards” (folk music from countries such as Mali, Japan, Bulgaria, Brazil, and India). As a listener, Ourkouzounov loves performers such as the conductor Carlos Kleiber, the pianists Grigory Sokolov and Keith Jarrett, and many jazz or folk-jazz musicians―for example, the Bulgarian clarinetist Ivo Papazov, the Bulgarian flautist Theodosii Spassov and the group Shakti (especially the guitarist John McLaughlin and the tabla player Zakir Hussain).



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