Fire On The Mountain

Dast-i Afshān
Improvisation on garmon, naqara & tombak


01. Ipak (12:19)
02. Araram sani (29:30)
03. Daghlar (11:01)
04. Tombak & Naqara (15:49)



Garmon: Khan Nar Jafarov
Naqara: Vahid Asadollahi
Tombak: Kambiz Ganjei
Khan-Nar Jafarov
Born in 1956 in Baku, he began learning the garmon at the age 16 through listening to performances of the contemporary masters of his time. Then, he developed his understanding of the Azeri maqams repertory under master Mirza Ebrahimov. Nowadays, he is regarded as one of the most prestigious master players on the garmon in the Republic of Azerbaijan and widely performs inside as well as outside the country. There have been published a couple of his recordings in Baku. The present collection is the result of his collaboration with two Iranian percussionists. He is currently the conductor of the Oil Company of Baku Orchestra.

Vahid Asadillahi
Born in 1960 in Tehran, he learned the qaval under his brother while being 11. Then, he switched to naqqare owing to its wider range and studied it with Hushang Zive. Being a player for over 18 years, he made a trip to the Republic of Azerbaijan and extended his technical faculty under Almas Qoliev. Along with the master Safar-Ali Javid he experienced an orchestral performance and his learning there assisted him in his journey to Baku in 1998 a lot. He has so far had various tours to Canada, the United States, Germany, Italy, and France. He has achieved the first rank at Fajr Music Festival twice and appeared in the jury of Regional Music Festival in 2001.

Kambiz Ganjei
The son of Davud Ganjei, the renowned kamanche player. He was born in 1968 in Shahr-e Rey near Tehran. In basic principle of music his first teacher was his father. Then he went for learning tombak with Mahmud Farahmand. He has played in many concerts in Iran and abroad with ensembles Sama` and Mowlana. He began his teaching courses in the Center for Preservation and propagation of Music from 1987. He has attended the class of many Iranian masters such as Naser Farhangfar and Bahman Rajabi to perfect and improve his musical knowledge.

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