You can't go wrong if you play it right...

Octa Clark & Hector Duhon
Old Time Cajun Music


A1. Bosco Stomp    
A2. Valse A Deux Temps    
A3. J'ai Ete Au Bal Hier Au Soir    
A4. La Valse Soleil Couche    
A5. Polka A Ma Vielle Tante
    Written-By – Octa Clark
A6. La Vielle Valse De Musicien
    Written-By – Octa Clark
A7. Les Cocombres Sont Pas Sales
    Written-By – Octa Clark

B1. Jolie Blonde    
B2. Creole Twist
    Written-By – Octa Clark
B3. Ton Petite Bec Est Doux    
B4. Le Reve Du Soulard    
B5. Freight Train Blues    
B6. La Valse Criminelle


14. Çajun Hot Shoe
15. Vals Laçatin
16. Cher Alice
17. Tite Fille Two Step
 Accordion, Vocals – Octa Clark
Fiddle – Hector Duhon
Guitar – Michael Doucet


 For most of their lives, the musical souls of Cajun musicians Octa Clark, accordion, and Hector Duhon, fiddle, were inseparable. In 1928, the two formed a friendship that would last a lifetime, beginning with house dances and resuming again with a later incarnation of the Dixie Ramblers with Duhon's son Bessyl in the 50's. Later, after Bessyl left, the two older gents still played regularly, mainly at Mulate's and occasional festivals. In 1981, Arhoolie's Chris Strachwitz was the first to record the two legends accompanied by Michael Doucet on guitar at Doucet's home. The beauty of this recording is that it's an accurate representation of what a trio playing informally indoors sounds like. The sound is flat, no extra embellishments, which explains why Clark's accordion playing is much more audible than Duhon and Doucet combined.

It's also apparent why Duhon considered his friend one of the best accordion players he had played with. Even at the ripe young age of then 77, Clark's straight-on playing never wavers, maintaining a clean, flowing consistency while each note exudes a tremendous air of confidence. When he belts out an 'a-I-e-e-e,' it's a powerful release of cutting, joyful emotion. A couple of other tunes ("Creole Twist," "Cajun Hot Shoe") showcase his amazing ability to not only play quickly but maintain masterful control of the accordion's funky, offsetting bass notes old-time Cajun music is known for. Of the 17 tracks here, 13 are from the original LP recording including Clark's old world-style polka, "Polka a Ma Vielle Tante." The last four tracks were also recorded that day but are released here for the first time. Throughout his life, Clark was known for saying, "You can't go wrong if you play it right." - Dan Willging


Artist Biography by Richie Unterberger

Singer/accordionist Octa Clark (b. 1904) and fiddler Hector Duhon (b. 1915) began playing together in the late 1920s. Duhon recorded for a while as part of the Dixie Ramblers, and after the group disbanded, remained active playing neighborhood dances with Clark. Both were senior citizens by the time they made their debut album as a duo for Arhoolie in 1981, with Michael Doucet playing guitar and writing the liner notes. Playing typical waltzes and dance tunes of the Cajun region, they also recorded an album for Rounder. Clark died in 1998.

By Melody Sokolow

I consider myself quite an avid listener (and dancer) of Cajun music, for years now....This CD is hard to beat for the purest example of this gorgeous art form. I picked it up yesterday, for the first time, and it brought me to tears. These men work together in a way that just brings the house down. Skilled artists, performing a time-honored tradition. Sensitive, poignant music - every song is a pleasure.....
By R. Webb

Old time Cajun music is right, and these two old pros Octa Clark & Hector Duhon knew exactly how to play it right, as Octa always said it "you can't go wrong if you play it right", Clark rocks on accordion & vocals, Duhon is sure-fire on fiddle, also filling in the gaps on guitar is Michael Doucet. The traditional sound of this genre is the best and without hesitation I'd rank this recording on top with the likes of The Balfa Brothers, Iry LeJeune, Nathan Abshire etc...Clark and Duhon recorded this album, their first in 1981, the original recording is thirteen tracks, the last four on this disc were added and recorded in the same time frame at Doucet's home in Lafayette,La...The Arhoolie co. seems to be fairly consistent in releasing rare and "old timey" recordings, similar to Smithsonian Folkways, the audio is excellent including a few liner notes by guitarist Michael Doucet. Take my advice, don't miss this one baby, you're liable to miss the train.

By Tacitus Bond
Having been raised in Cajun country with many of my childhood friends speaking Cajun French this music is in my blood. I do not like much of the modern "Cajun" music, so this album is a trip back to my child hood. These two are some of the greatest accordion and fiddle players of all time.

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