More Bakhtiari Folk Music

Nariman Fazeli
Eshghe Lor


01 - Eleman Eleman
02 - Shokufe Bahaar
03 - Daynah
04 - Gol Shirin
05 - Aziz to Biyaa
06 - Eshghe Lor
07 - Balal Turky

Arranged by: Habib Mirzaei

Vocalist: Nariman Fazeli


Shahryar FarYousefi,
Habib Mirzayi,
Ghasem Ghavam Nejad,
Majid Fathi,
Vahid Mirzayi,
Majid Mirzayi.



 'The Fabulous land of Iran, Colorful and vigorous Folklore'

The Bakhtiari's are the largest and most purely Iranian of all the Persian tribes. They belong to the Lur race and their language is closely related to the oldest known forms of Persian. The annual Bakhtiari migration in April from their Garmsir, or winter quarters in Khuszistan, to their Sardsir, or summer pastures in the Chahar Mahal region of the plateau south/west of Esfahan, takes from four to six weeks. It is an epic of human courage and endurance in which men, women and children of all ages, with their animals and household goods, travel by five different migrations routes across some of the wildest and most difficult mountain country in Persia in their search for grass.

The bakhtiaris are divided into two major groups- the Haft Lang and the Chahar Lang - which in turn are divided into tribes, sub/tribes and clans. No on seems to know precisely how many Bakhtiaris there are in Persia (Iran); one estimate, which may be on the high side, is of 450,000, perhaps half being migratory and pastoral, the rest agricultural and settled.

The Bakhtiari men and girl live permanently in the village of Karyak, about 120 miles south of Esfahan where the Kershan River, a tributary of Karun, serves as the boundary between the Bakhtiari and Boyer Ahmadi tribes.

('The Fabulous land of Iran, Colorful and vigorous Folkloric Selected works of Iranian photographers, Designed by Javad Yassavoli)



Anonymous said...

Thanks! Definitely distinctive, though I can't say I'm familiar in any detail with the music of the various cultures in Iran.

Miguel said...

Thanks for the note... neither am I familiar at all but our ears do lead us...


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great music. I like Iranian music...the Kamkars for example, if you have any more Iranian regional folk music please post.

MarviniusMartinium said...

listening to the music now....really beautiful ....more please...

Miguel said...

Thank you : )

Sure there is more to come...

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